The 30th Best Actor of All-Time: Tom Cruise

best film:  Magnolia is the answer.  As much as I love the entirety of Cruise’s filmography (only 43 IMDB credits to date) this is a two-horse race here between Cruise’s gigantic achievements in 1999 (Magnolia

The 31st Best Actor of All-Time: Jean Gabin

best film:  The Grand Illusion though I’m really close to saying Ophuls’ Le Plaisir. I’ve only seen Le Plaisir once (I was blown away) so I hope to revisit and confirm soon. Still, for the

The 32nd Best Actor of All-Time: James Cagney

best film:  White Heat by a mile. As good as Yankee Doodle Dandy is and Roaring Twenties (Cagney’s second best film) is the answer here is easily the 1949 crime masterpiece. Cagney is a bat

The 33rd Best Actor of All-Time: Kirk Douglas

best film:  I’m overdue for a Kubrick retrospective and haven’t seen Paths of Glory in years but I think I’m giving the edge here to Jacques Tourneur’s Out of the Past. Out of the Past

The 34th Best Actor of All-Time: Bill Murray

best film:  Lost in Translation. I had Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece one slot above Wes Anderson’s (Royal Tenenbaums) towards the back end of my top 100 of all-time when I last updated it (#88 and #89

The 35th Best Actor of All-Time: Sean Connery

best film:  The Hill which I’ve seen twice and don’t understand why it’s not held in a higher regard amongst cinephiles and critics. It’s skillfully shot, features a large set piece (title of the film),

The 36th Best Actor of All-Time: Tom Hanks

best film:  Saving Private Ryan and now that we’ve had a little bit of distance between now and Hanks’ best work I don’t think this one is particularly close. I think there are a number

Late Autumn – 1960 Ozu

Essentially it’s a remake of Late Spring from 1949- one of Ozu’s classics. Changes are that it’s in color (of course this is his stretch of his late five color films), it’s a daughter/mother (instead

The 37th Best Actor of All-Time: Denzel Washington

best film:  Malcolm X is a masterpiece. It’s different than David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia in some ways (lush 70mm exteriors, how much of the life is covered) but similar in others (aggressively stylistic from

The 38th Best Actor of All-Time: Clark Gable

best film:  Gone With the Wind is a masterpiece of epic movie-making. Whether it’s the gorgeous color photography, crane shots (in combination with a myriad of extras to provide proper scope), writing or acting—it’s a

The 39th Best Actor of All-Time: Sean Penn

best film:  It’s tempting to forget Sean Penn is in The Tree of Life. That’s not a good sign for him in terms of his impact on the film’s masterpiece status. I think of Jessica

The 40th Best Actor of All-Time: Joseph Cotton

best film:  Citizen Kane by an eyelash over The Magnificent Ambersons and The Third Man (I don’t count Touch of Evil really because Cotton’s role is a small cameo). Cotton has been in four of

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