Poison – 1991 Haynes


There are three short films or episodes intercut- there’s a Zelig-like fake documentary, a 50’s B Sci-Fi film and a prison film—it’s connected to DW Griffith’s Intolerance and this style would be used again in

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Sunset Song – 2015 Davies


Davies is timeless- this movie could’ve come out in 1935, 1955 or 1985. Shot in Kodak 65--- interiors shot digitally—apparently Davies had been wanting to make it for 18 years— The narrative surrounds one woman’s

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A Night at the Opera – 1935 Sam Wood


I’ve watched each of their films several times now and A Night at the Opera is their second best effort- behind only 1933’s Duck Soup- this is the film directly following so clearly they were

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The 25th Best Actor of All-Time: Burt Lancaster


best film:  The Leopard  and The Sweet Smell of Success are 1-2 in both of the big categories. I ended up, untentionally splitting them. Lancaster is very close to equal in both, but Mackendrick’s wonderfully

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The 27th Best Actor of All-Time: Buster Keaton


best film:  The General is still the best Keaton film even if Sherlock Jr. may have the best singular Keaton moment with the changing landscape background sequence. The General is Keaton standing way back—and making

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