The 37th Best Actor of All-Time: Denzel Washington

best film:  Malcolm X is a masterpiece. It’s different than David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia in some ways (lush 70mm exteriors, how much of the life is covered) but similar in others (aggressively stylistic from

The 38th Best Actor of All-Time: Clark Gable

best film:  Gone With the Wind is a masterpiece of epic movie-making. Whether it’s the gorgeous color photography, crane shots (in combination with a myriad of extras to provide proper scope), writing or acting—it’s a

The 39th Best Actor of All-Time: Sean Penn

best film:  It’s tempting to forget Sean Penn is in The Tree of Life. That’s not a good sign for him in terms of his impact on the film’s masterpiece status. I think of Jessica

The 40th Best Actor of All-Time: Joseph Cotton

best film:  Citizen Kane by an eyelash over The Magnificent Ambersons and The Third Man (I don’t count Touch of Evil really because Cotton’s role is a small cameo). Cotton has been in four of

The 41st Best Actor of All-Time: Jean-Louis Trintignant

best film:  The Conformist is a visual high-wire act from Bertolucci. It’s easily Bertolucci’s strongest effort (and that’s saying something because 1900 and Last Tango in Paris are excellent films). However, it doesn’t work nearly

The 42nd Best Actor of All-Time: Edward Norton

best film: I think Norton has been in 12 archiveable films and five of them are masterpieces. I’m throwing out his work with Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest) as he’s just not a

The 43rd Best Actor of All-Time: Harrison Ford

best film:  I’m going with Blade Runner because Ford is in Apocalypse Now for about 5 minutes and he’s the fourth most important/impressive actor during that five minute sequence. Blade Runner is the seventh best

The 44th Best Actor of All-Time: Takashi Shimura

best film:  Seven Samurai but when you’re in 10 Kurosawa films (Rashoman the closest) it’s never easy—Yojimbo and Throne of Blood are right there, too. Outside of the Kurosawa universe Shimura is at least in

The 45th Best Actor of All-Time: Joe Pesci

best film:  Raging Bull but Pesci has been in the 4th best movie of all-time (Raging Bull), 19th (Goodfellas) and 87th (JFK) not to mention one of the best 10 films of the 1980’s with

The 46th Best Actor of All-Time: Laurence Olivier

best film:  It’s either Rebecca or Spartacus and this is Olivier’s problem. These films are with Kubrick and Hitchcock—the best two directors of all-time. But—and it’s a big but—I have these two films as Kubrick’s

The 47th Best Actor of All-Time: Emil Jannings

best film:  Blue Angel but to be fair I’ve only seen Faust and The Last Laugh (the two Murnau films with Jannings) once so I look forward to revisiting. Blue Angel is Von Sternberg’s most

The 48th Best Actor of All-Time: Harvey Keitel

best film:  Pulp Fiction by an eyelash over Taxi Driver,  I’m sticking to my top 100 list and I have Pulp Fiction #25 and Taxi Driver #34. Those two masterpieces are so close it’s not

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