The Post – 2017 Spielberg


January 2018 It’s a top-notch intelligent screenplay and clearly Spielberg has hired two of the best to lead the cast (and the ensemble is very good as well)—but his choice to put this film on

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Spirited Away – 2001 Miyazaki


Third or fourth time viewing- caught it on the big screen Picturesque-- still-frame beauty Miyazaki, if he hadn’t already, firmly cements himself as a master of surrealism—as far as cinema- along the likes of Luis

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Call Me by Your Name – 2017 Guadagnino


January 2018 1.0 It’s one of the highlights of 2017 because of the cast, the photography (by Sayombhu Mukdeeprom (who regularly works with Apichatpong Weerasethakul which may be why much of this film feels like

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Creed – 2015 Coogler


Coogler’s second archiveable film under the age of 30 Coogler’s direction and screenplay touches and uses the iconography, archetypes and clichés but executives it all so flawlessly Fruitvale Station announced the arrival and both Coogler

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The Beast with Five Fingers – 1946 Florey


Max Steiner riffing off of and using Bach music and a tremendous performance by Peter Lorre are the show here and the reason the film squeaks into the archives A great crane shot down into

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Moneyball – 2011 Bennett Miller


Bennett Miller’s sophomore effort here proves his debut, 2005’s Capote was no one-man acting triumph—this is another excellent film Miller pulled out all the stops when putting this film together. He grabs Brad Pitt- one

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Backdraft – 1991 Howard


A very talented cast (sans William Baldwin in lead), gorgeous set-pieces, and a strong early Hans Zimmer score carry this film into the archives despite a weak screenplay 3 Oscar noms for effects Could lose

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Night Train to Munich – 1940 Reed


Very Hitchcockian’- a train-bound thriller with Margaret Lockwood just like Hitch’s 1938 success The Lady Vanishes 7th and final collaboration of Lockwood and Reed- I can’t say I’ve seen or archived any of the others/previous

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The Remains of the Day – 1993 Ivory


It’s more of an actors showcase than Howard’s End- which is not a compliment – I love the film but the acting is still probably better in Howard’s End. Long flashbacks and letters between Hopkins

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Howards End – 1992 Ivory


It’s peak Merchant/Ivory- A Room With a View is there, too Handsomely mounted by Ivory, Oscar-Winning script from Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, and the cast is phenomenal- Redgrave is great in her small role, Bonham Carter-

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Mr. & Mrs. Bridge – 1990 Ivory


It’s a strong bounce-back for Merchant/Ivory after 1989’s Slaves of New York Features real life husband and wife Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward- Woodward is nominated here but they’re both superb Strong period piece study

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A Time to Kill – 1996 Schumacher


It’s a tremendously flawed film but buoyed, and ultimately archiveable, because of the sheer entertainment factor-- and strong performances by an ensemble cast at the height of their powers in 1996. This isn’t peak McConaughey—that

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