Mr. & Mrs. Bridge – 1990 Ivory

It’s a strong bounce-back for Merchant/Ivory after 1989’s Slaves of New York Features real life husband and wife Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward- Woodward is nominated here but they’re both superb Strong period piece study

A Time to Kill – 1996 Schumacher

It’s a tremendously flawed film but buoyed, and ultimately archiveable, because of the sheer entertainment factor-- and strong performances by an ensemble cast at the height of their powers in 1996. This isn’t peak McConaughey—that

La La Land – 2016 Chazelle

Peter Travers said it best- Chazelle’s La La Land has a “passion for cinema that radiates every frame”. It’s a major achievement, one of the best films of the decade—Chazelle is throwing fastballs here and

The Wife – 2017 Runge

It’s a fabulous film- I’m not dying to see what Runge directs next- but it’s a triumph of intelligent writing and top-notch acting. Glen Close is the show-stopper- she’s superb, but Jonathan Pryce is very

Whiplash – 2014 Chazelle

I’ve tried Chazelle debut, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, several times and it isn’t quite up to snuff for the archives—so this here- seems to be arrival of a true artist- everything is

Shadows and Fog – 1991 Allen

Woody’s third black and white film- stunning- just like Manhattan and Stardust Memories There is such love and thought behind the lighting and set design- it’s a gorgeous film- a nod to German Expressionism- Murnau,

Hereditary – 2018 Aster

First Viewing June 2018 Aster has clearly studied masterpiece horror works from the past. Collette’s character seems inspired by (and it’s an equally great performance) Ellen Burstyn’s turn in The Exorcist, the entire occult read

September – 1987 Allen

One of Allen’s most serious films- like Match Point, Interiors. Apparently his least successful (or close) of all time at the box office. Based on Chekov’s “Uncle Vanya” Allen reshot the film in its entirety—he

The Kiss – 1929 Feyder

It’s an impressive film- lively camera throughout without forgetting that Garbo is the star and to take advantage of her acting with plenty of close-ups on her From a genre standpoint it’s heavy melodrama— but

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