best debuts of the 21st century

My current (Nov 2018) Steve McQueen study made me wonder if his Hunger is the strongest debut of the 21st century. There were many great debuts in 1999 (Being John Malkovich, Virgin Suicides, American Beauty) and many of

Suspiria – 2018 Guadagnino

It feels like a director swinging out of his shoes for a home run that doesn’t completely land—and that’s not the insult it may sound like—it’s ambitious—but I also think ultimately Guadanino’s 4th best film

Suspiria – 1977 Argento

Argento borrows from Bava, Hitchcock and Polanski (not to mention a whole heaping of German Expressionism) but this is it- a full-fledged masterpiece of the highest order and surely one of cinema’s most beautiful films

Almost Famous – 2000 Crowe

A magnificent narrative (Academy Award screenplay win) fueled by Crowe’s best work as a director, a perfect (or near- I have one nitpick) rock soundtrack, and tremendous ensemble performances Deserved supporting actress noms from both

Trading Places – 1983 Landis

April 2017 It’s certainly one of the most situation of situation comedies but it’s a hilarious take on nature vs. nurture A very strong comedic cast led by Eddie Murphy and Aykroyd Great visual gags

The Sister Brothers – 2018 Audiard

Jacques Audiard is a narrative master- he zags when you think he’s going to zag—from A Prophet to Rust and Bone he bends genres—watching The Sister Brothers here I was enjoying the hell out of

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