The Best Films of the Decade: The 1940s


1.      Citizen Kane- Welles 2.      Bicycle Thieves- De Sica 3.      The Magnificent Ambersons- Welles 4.      The Third Man- Reed 5.      Casablanca- Curtiz 6.      It's a Wonderful Life- Capra 7.      The Big Sleep- Hawks 8.      Notorious-

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The Best Films of the Decade: The 1930s


1.       The Rules of the Game- Renoir 2.       City Lights- Chaplin 3.       M- Lang 4.       Gone With the Wind- Fleming 5.       Stagecoach- Ford 6.       The Blue Angel- von Sternberg 7.       The Wizard of Oz- Fleming

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Spotlight – 2015 McCarthy


An engaging and detailed docudrama proceduralHoward Shore does great work here with his subtle scoreAcademy Award winner for best picture and screenplay and that—and the acting- are the strengths of the film—I’m not dying to

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Libel – 1959 Asquith


Dirk Bogarde is fantastic-  not only a dual role (they didn’t really have these in 1959 like we see with Dead Ringers, Adaptation and so many others more contemporary cinema – I guess Alec Guinness

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A Star is Born – 2018 Bradley Cooper


1.0- October 2018 electricity on the stage thanks to Aronofsky's DP Matthew Libatique and raw intimacy in the dramatic off-stage scenes thanks to two (or three if you count sam elliott) powerhouse performances (tremendous moment

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Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – 2004 McKay


I think only now with the hindsight of McKay’s established style in The Big Short and Vice is Anchorman archiveableLike the rest of his work this has a ridiculous quote in the prologueWe have cameos

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Happy as Lazzaro – 2018 Rohrwacher


A Biblical parable—a film of two halves that reminded me of the work of Ermanno Olmi, Bertolucci, Walt Disney, Bresson, Being There and Apichatpong WeerasethakulShot on 16mmRural first half—grounded in neo-realism with hardships, unprofessional extras

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The Best Films of the Decade: 1910s and 1920s


1.       The Passion of Joan of Arc- Dreyer 2.       Sunrise- Murnau 3.        Intolerance- Griffith 4.       Battleship Potemkin- Eisenstein 5.       Metropolis- Lang 6.       Nosferatu- Murnau 7.       The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari- Wiene 8.       The Birth of

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Tom Jones – 1963 Richardson


It’s British New Wave (clearly Richardson from Look Back in Anger, Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner) taking on some of the style of the French New Wave- mainly TruffautOne of the best edited films

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Somewhere – 2010 Sofia Coppola


A meditation on isolation and celebrity that has to be seen in the context of Sofia’s brilliant oeuvre. These are hermetically-sealed worlds- Virgin Suicides, The Beguiled-- privilege- Bling Ring, Marie Antoinette Opens with a metaphor

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Best Actresses in the World- 2019


Emma Stone (1)- Stone would be number one on this list if we combined both male and female and it feels like it’s been a long time since you could say that. In the past five

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Best Actors in the World- 2019


Ryan Gosling (1)- Gosling’s addition of First Man is enough to keep him here. It’s not one of the best performances of the year—but it’s solid, and the other heavy-hitters, DiCaprio, DDL can’t overtake him as

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