All About Eve – 1950 Mankiewicz

On the very short list for the best screenplays of all-timeNominated for a record breaking (and still tied) 14 oscar noms (titanic and la la land the others with 14 noms)Like most of Mankiewicz’s work

A Letter to Three Wives – 1949 Mankiewicz

Markings of Mankiewicz’s auteur voice and narrative style (it’s almost all narrative) are coming through—like All About Eve (Mankiewicz’s best work which comes the year after) we’re getting multiple narrators through voice-overMankiewicz won the best

The Woman in the Fifth – 2011 Pawlikowski

The narrative is intentionally opaque and that must have dissuaded most critics but they missed out here—closest relative would be to Cronenberg’s underrated (and impenetrable to most Spider from 2002). But the visual aplomb is

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