The Best Films of the Decade: The 1990’s

1.       Breaking the Waves - von Trier 2.       Goodfellas - Scorsese3.       Pulp Fiction - Tarantino 4.       The Thin Red Line- Malick5.       Magnolia - P.T. Anderson6.       Heat- M. Mann7.       JFK - Stone8.       Boogie Nights - P.T. Anderson9.       Dead

Climax – 2018 Noé

It’s a Noé film in style, subject, and narrative structure. The camera floats around in wonderful long takes like an ethereal being, it’s filled with drugs, sex, and violence and we get a spin at

The Best Films of the Decade: The 1980’s

1.       Raging Bull- Scorsese2.       Blade Runner - R. Scott3.       Nostalgia - Tarkovsky4.       The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover - Greenaway5.       Blue Velvet - Lynch6.       Do the Right Thing - S. Lee7.       The

Birds of Passage – 2018 Gallego & Guerra

Guerra’s second straight excellent film after 2015’s Embrace of the Serpent. It’s telling a traditional (this one even more traditional) from a different perspective. This is the rise of a crime family but from the

La Pointe Courte – 1955 Varda

Often cited as the first French New Wave film—and Varda the “Grandmother” of the new wave. I’m not sure about that- and not sure it matters—it’s a great film and—the style is unique and abundant-

Narc – 2002 Carnahan

A cop drama that looks like every cliché on paper—done with ingenuity and nearly flawless execution- a great filmStarts with bang-- hand-held chase- a wild flashback in washed out colorThen at the inquest we have

Embrace of the Serpent – 2015 Guerra

A journey through the jungle narrative in the vein of Coppola (Apocalypse Now), Herzog (Aguirre), and others. James Gray’s The Lost City of Z the year after in 1916This is different in two main respects,

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors – 1964 Parajanov

A wild experimentation of visual style and a hell of a debut for Sergei Parajanov An unbridled aesthetic achievement—he throws the kitchen sink at it so to speak stylistically—it doesn’t all land, and you don’t

The Best Films of the Decade: The 1970’s

1.       Apocalypse Now- F. Coppola2.       Stalker - Tarkovsky3.       The Godfather - F. Coppola4.       The Godfather Part II - F. Coppola5.       Taxi Driver- Scorsese6.       A Clockwork Orange- Kubrick7.       Aguirre, the Wrath of God - Herzog8.       Manhattan-

The Best Films of the Decade: The 1960’s

1.       2001: A Space Odyssey- Kubrick2.       8 1/2 - Fellini3.       La Dolce Vita- Fellini4.       Lawrence of Arabia- Lean5.       Jules and Jim- Truffaut6.       Breathless- Godard7.       Persona- Bergman8.       Psycho- Hitchcock9.       I Am Cuba- Kalatozov10.   Gertrud- Dreyer11.   Red

First Man – 2018 Chazelle

It’s up not up to Whiplash, Chazelle’s breakout second feature, and I’m positive it doesn’t touch La La Land his stylistic sonic boom 2016 masterpiece Shot in 16mm grain for much of it, then 35

Forever Amber – 1947 Preminger

A solid melodrama—I believe both the most expensive film of 1947 and the highest grossing box office film--- condemned by CatholicsOne of new 40’s Fox films in color- great to see Linda Darnell’s red hair—certainly

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