Cleo from 5 to 7 – 1962 Varda


Both a narrative and stylistic triumph—the premise, Cleo, a pop star, in nearly real-time, going about her life about to get big news on whether or not she has cancer—the timing as a formal device

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Everybody Knows – 2018 Farhadi


A pulpy page-tuner with strong writing and accomplished acting from Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and the rest of the ensembleClass struggle here is real- history—right up Farhadi’s alley even if in another country and language—everyone

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The Best Films of the Decade: The 1990’s


1.       Breaking the Waves - von Trier 2.       Goodfellas - Scorsese3.       Pulp Fiction - Tarantino 4.       The Thin Red Line- Malick5.       Magnolia - P.T. Anderson6.       Heat- M. Mann7.       JFK - Stone8.       Boogie Nights - P.T. Anderson9.       Dead

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Climax – 2018 Noé


It’s a Noé film in style, subject, and narrative structure. The camera floats around in wonderful long takes like an ethereal being, it’s filled with drugs, sex, and violence and we get a spin at

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The Best Films of the Decade: The 1980’s


1.       Raging Bull- Scorsese2.       Blade Runner - R. Scott3.       Nostalgia - Tarkovsky4.       The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover - Greenaway5.       Blue Velvet - Lynch6.       Do the Right Thing - S. Lee7.       The

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Birds of Passage – 2018 Gallego & Guerra


Guerra’s second straight excellent film after 2015’s Embrace of the Serpent. It’s telling a traditional (this one even more traditional) from a different perspective. This is the rise of a crime family but from the

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La Pointe Courte – 1955 Varda


Often cited as the first French New Wave film—and Varda the “Grandmother” of the new wave. I’m not sure about that- and not sure it matters—it’s a great film and—the style is unique and abundant-

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Narc – 2002 Carnahan


A cop drama that looks like every cliché on paper—done with ingenuity and nearly flawless execution- a great filmStarts with bang-- hand-held chase- a wild flashback in washed out colorThen at the inquest we have

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Embrace of the Serpent – 2015 Guerra


A journey through the jungle narrative in the vein of Coppola (Apocalypse Now), Herzog (Aguirre), and others. James Gray’s The Lost City of Z the year after in 1916This is different in two main respects,

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Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors – 1964 Parajanov


A wild experimentation of visual style and a hell of a debut for Sergei Parajanov An unbridled aesthetic achievement—he throws the kitchen sink at it so to speak stylistically—it doesn’t all land, and you don’t

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The Best Films of the Decade: The 1970’s


1.       Apocalypse Now- F. Coppola2.       Stalker - Tarkovsky3.       The Godfather - F. Coppola4.       The Godfather Part II - F. Coppola5.       Taxi Driver- Scorsese6.       A Clockwork Orange- Kubrick7.       Aguirre, the Wrath of God - Herzog8.       Manhattan-

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The Best Films of the Decade: The 1960’s


1.       2001: A Space Odyssey- Kubrick 2.       8 1/2 - Fellini 3.       La Dolce Vita- Fellini 4.       Lawrence of Arabia- Lean 5.       Jules and Jim- Truffaut 6.       Breathless- Godard 7.       Persona- Bergman 8.       Psycho- Hitchcock

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