Reversal of Fortune – 1990 Schroeder


a great combination of who-done-it mystery and an investigative/courtroom dramaadored by Ebert and Travers- 4 stars a piecethe narration is a pulpy choice (it’s from Glenn Close as she’s in a coma—reminiscent a little of

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The Petrified Forest – 1936 Mayo


A stagy depression allegory—notable for the fine performances- particularly of an up and coming young Humphrey Bogart- a Warner’s contract player at this point—he’s 5th billed- apparently Leslie Howard (who did the stage version together)

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The 27th Best Director of All-Time: Woody Allen


Allen. I’m a great admirer of the work of Woody Allen. I hesitate saying “fan” because I feel like that implies some sort of personal affinity or preference and I don’t think that’s an accurate

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The 26th Best Director of All-Time: Josef von Sternberg


Josef von Sternberg. Von Sternberg’s strength is his top three films and his overall landmark and meticulous aesthetic approach and innovation. It’s hard to ignore someone so synonymous with mise-en-scene, obviously an important aspect of

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Ash is Purest White – 2018 Zhangke Jia


A pretty daunting film formally- I could see it working on me more with a second and third viewingA three-pronged love story—three different time periods (like Zhangke Jia’s previous Mountains May Depart) and carried out

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Batman – 1989 Burton


It is an imaginative triumph from Tim BurtonDeserved production design Oscar win from Anton Furst (committed suicide in 1991) who worked previously on 1987’s Full Metal Jacket-  Burton is the artist here (along with Furst)-

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