Leave No Trace – 2018 Granik

July 2018 1.0 Another very solid film from Debra Granik (Down to the Bone in 2004 and Winter’s Bone in 2010)- clearly she can create atmosphere and gets strong performances (whether it is Vera Farminga,

Night Flight – 1933 C. Brown

Like an ensemble Grand Hotel film and an answer to Hughes’ Hell’s Angels at the same time with a great cast including both Barrymore’s- John and a walking Lionel Selznick producedActive camera from Clarence Brown-

The 22nd Best Director of All-Time: Kar-Wai Wong

Kar-Wai Wong. For the purposes of this list his strengths are his two giant masterpieces and the fact that he is certainly a “style-plus” director.  It’s hard to think of an auteur that is more

The 21st Best Director of All-Time: Fritz Lang

Lang. Lang is an early master- he gave us the 4th best film of the 20’s and 3rd best of the 30’s- that’s remarkable. I think I looked past Lang initially because he doesn’t have

Eijanaika – 1981 Imamura

It’s very plotted for an Imamura film- a saga, a love story (doomed of course because it’s Imamura), there’s the Ronin story with Ken Ogata and then the larger political and social reform back story

The 20th Best Director of All-Time: Sergio Leone

Leone. There are no easy choices on this list/project. By and large, I think much more of all 3 Leone/Eastwood collaborations than the TSPDT critical consensus. Also, I view Leone’s style as a huge plus

Profound Desires of the Gods – 1968 Imamura

The first color film for Imamura and the first one that is largely outdoors--- this may not sound like a big deal but to a student of Ozu with the shoji doors and control of

The 19th Best Director of All-Time: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Dreyer. The strength of Dreyer’s case is not in his production quantity but quality.  Oddly enough, Dreyer only one archiveable film a decade for 5 straight decades from the 20’s to 60’s- wild. I’ve seen

The 18th Best Director of All-Time: David Lynch

Lynch. Lynch’s case is really strong. Lynch has 10 features- I have 9 of the 10 films in my archives. I’ve given Dune a few chances and probably have another one left in me but it’s

Widows – 2018 McQueen

1.0 December 2018 McQueen continues the streak-- of one of the most promising starts to a career (he’s 11 years in now and 4 films) in cinema history He’s great at capturing places, a great

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