Leave No Trace – 2018 Granik


July 2018 1.0 Another very solid film from Debra Granik (Down to the Bone in 2004 and Winter’s Bone in 2010)- clearly she can create atmosphere and gets strong performances (whether it is Vera Farminga,

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Night Flight – 1933 C. Brown


Like an ensemble Grand Hotel film and an answer to Hughes’ Hell’s Angels at the same time with a great cast including both Barrymore’s- John and a walking Lionel Selznick producedActive camera from Clarence Brown-

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Eijanaika – 1981 Imamura


It’s very plotted for an Imamura film- a saga, a love story (doomed of course because it’s Imamura), there’s the Ronin story with Ken Ogata and then the larger political and social reform back story

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Widows – 2018 McQueen


1.0 December 2018 McQueen continues the streak-- of one of the most promising starts to a career (he’s 11 years in now and 4 films) in cinema history He’s great at capturing places, a great

Widows – 2018 McQueen2020-07-03T10:29:29+00:00
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