The 58th Best Director of All-Time: Sam Peckinpah


Peckinpah. Peckinpah’s strength is his top 2 films and the massive amounts of style he packed into his short career as director. He was a fierce alcoholic, not unlike another great western auteur- John Ford,

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The 57th Best Director of All-Time: Douglas Sirk


Sirk. Sirk is another great auteur who was completely overlooked at the time (and laughed at a little) in Hollywood for his soapy melodramas mostly “made for women” (aka “women weepies”) starring rock Hudson (who

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Manchester by the Sea – 2016 Lonergan


Kenneth Lonergan cements himself as one of the great screenwriters of the 21st centuryAn achievement for Casey Affleck in his Oscar-winning role (his “I can’t beat it” is devastating). With the flashback structure it’s sort

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One Sings, the Other Doesn’t – 1977 Varda


A varied work from Varda—has elements that touches her documentary/realism roots (we have abortion and suicide in the first half hour), her photography background (some great montages of women in b/w photography in the opening),

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The 55th Best Director of All-Time: Ridley Scott


Ridley Scott. Sir Ridley is certainly still working adding films to his archives like The Martian from 2015 and All the Money in the World in 2017. Scott probably isn’t in the top 100 at all without Blade

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The Swimmer – 1968 Perry


Strong writing (from a John Cheever short story—the “Chekov of the suburbs”) and a big-time lead performance from Burt Lancaster help a hit and miss Frank Perry behind the cameraA meditation on mid-life crisis and

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Django Unchained – 2012 Tarantino


3.0 (two in theater in January 2013 and once May 2017) It’s a brilliant and very entertaining film Robert Richardson as the DP does some fantastic work here- and I certainly wish this, not hateful

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Paterson – 2016 Jarmusch


1.0 -- March 2017 Both a fully Jarmusch minimalist film and detailed character study (military background of driver’s paterson character) Easily Adam Driver’s best role/film/performance to date and a very charming performance from Golshifteh Farahani

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Only Lovers Left Alive – 2013 Jarmusch


Jarmusch tackles the horror genre or Vampire sub-genre with full confidence in his mood-piece style, formal aesthetic and relaxed approach—much like his take on the thriller genre in The Limits of Control, crime genre in

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