Mean Streets – 1973 Scorsese


March 2017Opens wondrously with the voice over, pop soundtrack, and the triple- editing technique (same image zoomed in with short ellipsis) that Scorsese would keep doing for the next 40 yearsThe rock/pop soundtrack is really

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The 84th Best Director of All-Time: George Cukor


Cukor. Cukor. Even without any credit for Gone With the Wind Cukor’s filmography alone is deserving of this slot. He’s not a style-plus director and his contribution to Gone With the Wind is of much debate (it’s clear

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The Goonies – 1985 Donner


With Richard Donner directing, Spielberg producing, and Chris Columbus writing—it’s a hell of a blockbustery/populist talent combination behind it—you put that with a gifted young cast of kids and you have a worthy film hereThe

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The 82nd Best Director of All-Time: Frank Capra


Capra. Capra is a style-minus director but has a brilliant filmography (his filmography grades out to be ranked 60th as a director) and unlike others like Huston or Curtiz or some others his great films

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The Hateful Eight – 2015 Tarantino


Much to praise here even if it’s Tarantino’s weakest since Death Proof in 2007 and second weakest as an auteur overall great doorway wall-art photography here The 70mm photography by QT and his DP Robert

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Sweet Country – 2017 Warwick Thornton


An impressive Western- violent, starkThere’s a real evil here—both the character and setting—brutal and uncivilizedThornton has a talent for making you feel the open space of Australia—lots of wide shots Reminds me of The Three

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Annie Hall – 1977 Allen


Allen is absolutely flexing here – flouting narrative conventions and brimming with creativity Gordon Willis’ work here from a photographical standpoint isn’t quite the achievement it is in The Godfather films or his work with

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Saboteur – 1942 Hitchcock


Unmistakably Hitchcockian—another one of his mistaken-identity thrillers--- similar to The 39 Steps, North By NorthwestMinor Hitchcock or a B-side if you will Most notable for the set piece finale—instead of the Golden Gate bridge or

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Who’s That Knocking at My Door – 1967 Scorsese


Scorsese’s debut—a rough draft for Mean StreetsIt’s pretty ugly to look (16mm) at – shot crudely—but the talent is there behind the camera is clear- such energy and creativity Ebert--- “Announcing the arrival of an

Who’s That Knocking at My Door – 1967 Scorsese2020-07-03T10:29:10+00:00
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