Taxi – 1931 Del Ruth


It may be an outwardly bad film without Cagney. He’s a dynamo. This is his “dirty rat” film, another rough and tumble Warners film from the early 1930’s. One year after his breakout The Public

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Gangs of New York – 2002 Scorsese


A film with very high highs—but also one that has multiple 15-20 minute stretches where we are watching a really nondescript (but handsome) epic. The ultimate result is a very strong film that would be

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The Lady and the Duke – 2001 Rohmer


A very unique film- on one hand it is a period piece set in the 18th century—almost Masterpiece theater shot on crude video with Rohmer’s typical captivating male and female moral debate/discussion. On the other

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Monos – 2019 Landes


City of God meets Werner Herzog in Monos- a superb film from Brazilian director Alejandro LandesOne hell of a location find- the ethereal mystic mountains with a big structure that almost looks like Denis Villeneve’s

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The Piano – 1993 Campion


The high-water mark from auteur Jane Campion (her third film- Sweetie and Angel At My Table) thus far—an almost bafflingly original love story shot with stark beauty off the coast in New Zealand. The most

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The 107th Best Director of All-Time: Milos Forman


Forman.  I’m no slave to the Academy Awards by any stretch- but it’s a little crazy that an important figure in 1960’s international cinema (Czech) and a permissible two-time winner of the Academy Award for

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Bringing Out the Dead – 1999 Scorsese


Even if it’s the 15th best film of the year (approximation-- absolutely no insult in a year this strong)—it feels like a bit of a changing of the guard after such a strong 1990’s for

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Dark Command – 1940 Walsh


Raoul Walsh provides the pace and crisp editing (94 minutes with some nice montages) and Walter Pidgeon and John Wayne make for worthy tall-statured foes (Pidgeon has a big booming deep voice like Gregory Peck

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Casino – 1995 Scorsese


Casino is often viewed through the lens of Goodfellas. My reaction is normally to reject this—no, this isn’t one of the best 20-25 films of all-time—but it’s better than almost anything else and should be

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