Naked – 1993 Leigh


This is Leigh’s fourth archiveable film but there’s little in his three previous (all very solid) efforts that would make you think he’s capable of this. This is a stylistic visual atom bomb on top

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High Flying Bird – 2019 Soderbergh


Soderbergh will finish the 2010’s decade with 7 archiveable films—a decade in which he retired. I love how prolific he is and can’t wait to see what he does in 2020—but I don’t think any

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Us – 2019 Peele


Viewing 1.0 March 2019 A film that’s ambitious in ideas and script, but not overly ambitious in film as art or filmmaking if you willThere are a couple of really nice shots—one of them is

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Ford v. Ferrari – 2019 Mangold


Movies that are this easy to watch (this is 152 minutes that absolutely fly by) don’t come along every year. Ford v. Ferrari boasts master craft acting and writing of the highest caliber It’s not

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The 115th Best Director of All-Time: Peter Jackson


Jackson. Obviously Jackson isn’t on this list without The Lord of the Rings but the momentous achievement of that masterpiece cannot overlooked. I count The Lord of the Rings as one film in the same way I count Dekalog

The 115th Best Director of All-Time: Peter Jackson2020-07-03T10:28:44+00:00

Silence – 2016 Scorsese


An intellectual deliberation on sin, doubt, yes- God’s silence, persecution and cruelty/evilIn one of the opening scenes with Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Ciarán Hinds there’s a very nice shot of an empty cathedral and

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Pain and Glory – 2019 Almodóvar


The visual style is, as always with Almodóvar, about the mise-en-scene filled with vibrant colors, costume design. There are at least 4-5 jaw-droppers here that may end up pushing this film even higher up in

Pain and Glory – 2019 Almodóvar2021-04-08T20:47:23+00:00

Dames – 1934 Enright, Berkeley


Two directors and two films- Ray Enright and Busby Berkeley—only one (Berkeley) is the geniusThe first half is nearly all Enright (I can tell this by the body of work of the two differing directors)—it

Dames – 1934 Enright, Berkeley2020-07-03T10:28:44+00:00

Life is Sweet – 1990 Leigh


Mike Leigh has his own voice, world and characters not unlike Fellini, Bergman or Woody Allen – his is the  blue collar (Broadbent sporting a can of beer in the first 5 minutes and you

Life is Sweet – 1990 Leigh2020-07-03T10:28:44+00:00

The War Zone – 1999 Roth


Stark visually, bleak in tone, and heavy in subject matter --- Tim Roth (debut as a director, obviously a very talented and accomplished actor) follows in the proud British tradition of Davies, Loach and Mike

The War Zone – 1999 Roth2020-07-03T10:28:44+00:00
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