Vera Drake – 2004 Leigh


Another superlative effort from Leigh. It is one of his best works- arguably as strong as anything this side of Naked The post-WWII (November 1950) period detail production design is an artistic triumph. The immaculate

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I Lost My Body – 2019 Clapin


Jérémy Clapin’s feature debut is a intriguing film—a breath of fresh air in the animation world- a film two-pronged narrative—one about an orphan (with black and white flashbacks), and one about a dismembered hand— they

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Little Women – 1949 LeRoy


LeRoy’s film, like Cukor’s 1933 version, boasts a really talented ensemble- perhaps even more so. June Allyson is in lead, but she’s supported by Mary Astor, Elizabeth Taylor (at 17), Janet Leigh, C. Aubrey Smith,

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Little Women – 1933 Cukor


It is the Katharine Hepburn show from the very beginning- her name is above the title which is striking and she’s is getting the bulk attention from Cukor’s camera’s in every big emotional scene. This

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Atlantics – 2019 Diop


A strong debut from Mati Diop.  The film is grounded at the beginning in realism. There are long takes of Souleiman (just holding on his face riding in a truck) finding out they are getting

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighbhorhood – 2019 Heller


Marielle Heller (The Diary of a Teenage Girl and Can You Ever Forgive Me?) succeeds here with a third archiveable film.  She uses the old Mr. Rogers show as a narrative device entry ( this

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Bad Santa – 2003 Zwigoff


Though not a formal consistency (the opening is just a Billy Bob setting the scene and the ending is a letter to Thurman) Billy Bob’s sardonic voice-over is so well written and performed- harkens to

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All or Nothing – 2002 Leigh


It’s a return to Leigh’s working-class contemporary almost neorealism’esque roots after 1999’s triumph (but a period film about wealthy people)- Topsy-TurvyA really strong opening shot. It’s at a nursing home with a cleaning woman (who

All or Nothing – 2002 Leigh2019-12-17T14:22:03+00:00
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