The 153rd Best Director of All-Time: Ken Loach


Loach.  With multiple decades of documentary and television work (neither of which I really study) it’s a testament to Loach’s impact (especially with Kes) that he’s this high on the list. Loach’s case is Kes

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The 151st Best Director of All-Time: Joe Wright


Joe Wright. Wright burst onto the scene in 2005 with sweeping camera movements in Pride in Prejudice. What a surprise--  who wanted another Pride and Prejudice adaptation starring Keira Knightley at the time?  At age

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The Square – 2017 Östlund


A satire closer in tone and laughs to Haneke (meaning not a ton), on the absurdities of modern man, culture and artCannes Palme D'Or winner in 2017Feels old already in 2020—references to the ice-bucket challenge,

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Le Notti Bianche – 1957 Visconti


First viewing here and Le Notti Bianche is thoroughly impressive- immediately goes near the top of the list of the all-time underrated films (not anywhere to be found on the TSPDT top 1000—and Visconti has

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Jarhead – 2005 Mendes


Coming off of American Beauty (one of cinema’s great debut films) in 1999 and Road to Perdition in 2002 the anticipation for Jarhead was through the roof (and that amazing trailer with Kayne doesn’t hurt)

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Augustine – 2012 Winocour


Essentially a character study (and semi-bizarre romance love story) between Vincent Lindon’s Professor Charcot and Soko’s Augustine with 3-4 really strong frames both Vincent Lindon and Soko are excellent in their performances here as doctor,

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The 147th Best Director of All-Time: Eric Rohmer


Rohmer. Rohmer is a significant figure in the French New Wave, Rohmer really picked up when frankly the best of Godard had come and gone in 1967. Rohmer’s camera style is straightforward, but the placement

The 147th Best Director of All-Time: Eric Rohmer2020-07-03T10:28:30+00:00
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