The 233rd Best Director of All-Time: Jonathan Glazer


Glazer. Jonathan Glazer directed some of the absolute best music videos of the 1990’s including Karma Police for Radiohead and Virtual Insanity for Jamiroquai. He made his debut feature in 2000 (Sexy Beast)- certainly a

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The Nun – 1966 Rivette


Rivette’s dedication to the visual motif of imprisonment, bars holding Anna Karina’s Suzanne is quite the formal achievement Rivette’s second feature after 1961’s Paris Belongs To Us. Godard had made 9 features in that time-

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Paris Belongs to Us – 1961 Rivette


The debut French New Wave auteur Jacques Rivette—a leisurely-paced, but fascinating paranoia-infused opaque mystery 142 minutes for a debut- indeed, even early, Rivette is the long-form voice from the New Wave A strong opening as

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The 230th Best Director of All-Time: Jack Clayton


Clayton. Jack Clayton directed only seven films, and the one that was the most popular (The Great Gatsby)- isn’t remembered all that fondly (and certainly isn’t his best). The Innocents is the film everyone always

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Big Wednesday – 1978 Milius


Chiefly, the carefully structured form of the story into four sections, is worthy of admiration. For every chapter break, Milius, a great writer, has the voice-over set to the landscapes of the shoreline. He names

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Sanjuro – 1962 Kurosawa


The narrative lacks the brilliance and freshness of Yojimbo (that can happen with sequels- same music borrowed here) and the worldview is a little more optimistic than Kurosawa’s finest work—but damn, Kurosawa sets up immaculate

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Bedazzled – 1967 Donen


A very funny film, it is no great accomplishment for Stanley Donen—any number of directors could have pointed the camera and comedians Dudley Moore and Peter Cook Moore and Cook were a sketch comedy duo—talented.

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The Naked Kiss – 1964 Fuller


An abnormal blend of B-movie melodrama and crime thriller—only Sam Fuller could deliver A strong opening- hand-held camera of Constance Towers (back with Fuller from their work together the year before in Shock Corridor) in

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