The Double Life of Véronique – 1991 Kieslowski


Kieslowski’s The Double Life of Véronique is so enigmatic and lyrical—it almost makes his previous films seem like prose and this is his first attempt at poetry (more description than praise or a critique). This

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Dekalog – 1989 Kieslowski


With Tarkovsky gone (died in 1986), Bresson’s last archiveable film behind us (1983) and with Bergman’s last major work in the rearview as well (1982-also, partially, through television)—the stage was clear for Kieslowski to take

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A Short Film About Love – 1988 Kieslowski


The sixth film in Kieslowski’s Dekalog – a series of ten moral tales about or surrounding each of the ten commandments. This is a companion to episode five- A Short Film About Killing and both

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The Conjuring 2 – 2016 Wan


James Wan is very active with the camera in The Conjuring 2. He gives a tour of the Hodgson (where 75% of the film takes place) pulling in and out of these synthesized rolling tracking

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best film:  The Rules of the Game is Renoir’s lyrical masterpiece. His camera glides in and out of the lives of an enchanting ensemble giving us the best film of the entire decade. 1939 may


The Land of Steady Habits – 2018 Holofcener


Nicole Holofcener has been doing this for 20+ years at this point—this is her sixth archiveable film and all six are in the archives. Five years off between this and Enough Said in 2013. This

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best film:  Bringing Up Baby from Howard Hawks. Hepburn, Grant and Hawks all had a strong resume leading up to this film in the 1930’s but it wasn’t until Bringing Up Baby that they solidified




best film:  Le Grande Illusion from Renoir It is an intelligent prison film and drama—the most common words used by critics heaping praise on it are “humanist”, ”anti-war” and “graceful”. Graceful is the only one


Walking and Talking – 1996 Holofcener


The debut film from Woody Allen acolyte Nicole Holofcener The Miramax logo, Billy Bragg on the film score, Liz Phair on the soundtrack--- yes- this is a 1990’s indie movie gabbing in a video rental

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Nothing Sacred – 1937 Wellman


William Wellman may have directed but it is also a David O. Selznick picture (the reason it is in color) and a Ben Hecht screenplay (wrote Notorious and about 100 other titles either credited or

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Bombshell – 1933 Fleming


A fast-paced raucous comedy that would fit well in in any study of screwball comedy (we’re at the very origins of it here in 1933 as this is the year before It Happened One Night

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