Wolfwalkers – 2020 Moore, Ross Stewart


This is now the third work from Tomm Moore (all of them co-directed by this is the first time with Ross Stewart) with previous works including The Secret of Kells (2009) and Song of the

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The Assistant – 2019 Green


A remarkable feature debut from Australian-born Kitty Green. The Assistant starts with an attention to detail you’d see from a realist. Julia Garner plays Jane- the titular character and the film convers one day in

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The Hobbit – 2012-2014 Jackson


The reunion of Tolkien and Jackson, over a decade after the start of The Lord of the Rings, fails to live up to the achievement of its predecessor (heavy lies the crown sort of thing

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Die Hard – 1988 McTiernan


Like McTiernan’s 1987 entry the year before, Predator, Die Hard is an updated (and modified) western. Instead of The Magnificent Seven (Seven Samurai) it’s Shane here in many ways Clichés are clichés for a reason

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The Lord of the Rings – 2001-2003 Jackson


Peter Jackson’s magnum opus adaptation of Tolkien is one the seminal works of the 21st century. I’ve seen it a half dozen times at least—and my appreciation for it grows with each revisit. I’ll be

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best film:  Early Summer from Ozu. The Japanese master made one of the best films of 1949 (Late Spring) and two years later he improves upon it ever so slightly (he’d do the same thing




best film:  Rashomon from Kurosawa.  Rashomon is a masterpiece on at least two levels: the use of deep focus photography combined with character blocking compositions (that’s one-- which rivals Citizen Kane– which is funny because Kane is also the


Teorema – 1968 Pasolini


Pasolini’s sixth feature, second in the “mythical cycle” following Oedipus Rex in 1967. Along with his debut Accattone, Teorema is Pasolini’s greatest achievement thus far in his career in 1968. A very controversial film (name

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best film:  The Third Man from Carol Reed has so many superior elements to praise: the Ferris wheel set piece, post-war Vienna as the film’s backdrop, it is written by freaking Graham Greene, you have


Oedipus Rex – 1967 Pasolini


Provocateur Pier Paolo Pasolini officially moved away from the neorealist-leanings in his early work for his fifth feature (and first in color)- Oedipus Rex The is the first in the “mythical cycle” series (Teorema, Porcile,

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Ran – 1985 Kurosawa


The pictorial beauty of Kurosawa's landscape long shots are masterpiece worthy—Kurosawa makes great use of every extra, color flourish in the frame, and set piece --whether it’s the mountains in the final climax battle, the

Ran – 1985 Kurosawa2021-07-28T00:26:59+00:00

Sound of Metal – 2019 Marder


Sound of Meal is the debut film from Darius Marder—it touts an exquisite use of sound design and lead performance from Riz Ahmed. Marder’s sound design- coupled with some nice camera location choices (often right

Sound of Metal – 2019 Marder2020-12-17T12:06:08+00:00
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