Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – 2020 Wolfe


George Wolfe brings August Wilson’s play to life thanks to stellar lead performances from Viola Davis and the late, great Chadwick Boseman This is the final film from Boseman who tragically passed away way too

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The Apartment – 1960 Wilder


Wilder’s 1960 tragicomedy features a tremendous set design (the endless rows and rows of desk in the insurance office) and career-best work from Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine Wilder was coming off Some Like it

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best film:  Lola Montes from Ophuls.  Lola Montes is a pure stylistic explosion and it is far ahead of the rest of the films from 1955. Andrew Sarris called it the greatest film ever made. Sadly,


Small Axe – 2020 McQueen


There’s plenty of debate as to whether Steve McQueen’s Small Axe is television or cinema (he insists it is cinema, and I wholeheartedly agree), or whether it is five separate works, or one larger work

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best film:  Seven Samurai from Kurosawa  Kurosawa’s epic masterpiece further cements Kurosawa’s genius status first marked by Rashomon in 1950 and confirmed in Ikiru in 1952. A set-piece used three times I believe is the cemetery on the hill-


The Man Who Killed Don Quixote – 2018 Gilliam


It is impossible to talk about Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote without talking about the troubled (an understatement) production backstory. It is maybe the most storied production in cinema history. The Day

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American Honey – 2016 Arnold


Easily the best film to date from Arnold-- and another boost for the A24 brand social commentary- "I'm the spiderman of the dumpster"- much of film is through the eyes of these troubled impoverished youth

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The Outpost – 2019 Lurie


You have to probably go back to 2000’s The Contender for something this good in Rod Lurie’s filmography. The Outpost is a sturdy entry in the 21st century war film genre- here about a group

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best film:  Tokyo Story from Ozu Tokyo Story is a candidate for the greatest mise-en-scene in film history. It is jam-packed with gorgeously arranged sets and shots The film, and the style, is a high-water




best film:  Ikiru from Kurosawa Both visually masterful and staggeringly profound and poignant One of cinema’s greatest character studies- Kane, Raging Bull– the examination of a man’s life. A bit of It’s A Wonderful Life and Dickens’ A Christmas