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The Searchers – 1956 Ford

John Ford’s The Searchers is many things: a meditation on wilderness and civilization is chief amongst them An update of Melville—John Wayne is Ahab here, obsession—monomaniacal My #1 film of all-time, #9 on TSPDT, #7

Wedding Crashers – 2005 Dobkin

It’s an odd combination for the archives: Dobkin’s direction is amazing in the first 15-20 minutes with the set-up of the initial scene and of course the wedding montage—great work. Then the superior talents of

Mandy – 2018 Cosmatos

Clearly influenced by rock opera Tommy and revenge films like Death Wish this has still has the feel of a unique voice. Nods for sure to the surreal nightmare world of David Lynch. Cosmatos paces

The Bostonians – 1984 Ivory

A strong supporting cast (including Jessica Tandy, Lina Hunt, Wallace Shawn) but this is Vanessa Redgrave’s show. She’s superb—so much so that it magnifies the unremarkable work of Madeleine Potter and Christopher Reeve as her

Quartet – 1981 Ivory

Period elegance from Merchant Ivory. Set in 1927, trendy society in New York- but it’s a dog eat dog world—the young and beautiful innocent Isabelle Adjani (great casting) is almost served up as lunch or

Local Hero – 1983 Forsyth

A unique and rich take on the comedy, the fish-out-of-water comedy If there are 10 reviews 8 mention how “charming” it is and it extremely charming. Affirming-- filled with Forsyth’s splendid wit Love the scene

2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968 Kubrick

A supreme visual and aural achievement—when combined with the utmost formal exactitude— it leaves us with one of the best three films of all-time If you still need more evidence of Kubrick’s genius--- how about

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse – 1933 Lang

The in medias res opening is a dazzler- a long tracking shot through a cluttered (stunning mise-en-scene) basement. There are bicycle wheels in the frame, lights hanging in the foreground, objects- it’s Ozu and it’s

Bob le Flambeur – 1956 Melville

It’s both an important film (probably the most easy to point to singular bridge between noir and the French new wave) and a fantastic work of art without the important influence associated Heavily influenced by

Shakespeare-Wallah – 1965 Ivory

Ivory (and Merchant/Ivory)’s 3rd feature It’s airy and delicate- takes it’s time with the romance and building the atmosphere (shot on location in India) of the traveling players Love the gorgeous sculpture montage in the

Cemetery of Splendor – 2015 Weerasethakul

I’ve seen it twice (which is not nearly enough for Weerasethakul but where I’m at right now it’s a step down from Syndromes and a Century (2006) and Uncle Boonmee (2010) which were his two

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives – 2010 Weerasethakul

  The opening is as strong as anything in 2010 (which puts it up there with the decade) or Weerasethakul. A beautiful short story of a bull (or water buffalo?) tied to a tree post

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