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Thelma & Louise – 1991 Ridley Scott

It’s one of Scott’s better non Alien/Blade Runner efforts—superbly acted, great Hans Zimmer Score, landscape photography in Utah I think it owes a lot to Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. It’s a buddy movie

Dave – 1993 Ivan Reitman

It’s a fringe recommendation- light and airy but well-acted and written. I don’t think anyone will confuse Reitman with Capra or Kevin Kline with Jimmy Stewart but it’s a solid reworking of Smith Goes to

Cobra Verde – 1987 Herzog

Fifth and final collaboration between Herzog and Kinski My first time catching it and I’m a little pissed it took me this long- it’s a fascinating film and although it’s not in the realm of

The Best Actress of All-Time: Ingrid Bergman

best film: Casablanca is the winner here though Notorious is a masterpiece as well and I owe Rossellini’s Journey to Italy another view. Casablanca is deserving of its reputation and iconic status. Curtiz isn’t Welles

The 2nd Best Actress of All-Time: Katharine Hepburn

best film: It’s Bringing Up Baby and it’s not that close. The Philadelphia Story and The African Queen would be the closest but Bringing Up Baby is a giant comic masterpiece and the very best

The 3th Best Actress of All-Time: Meryl Streep

best film: Manhattan. This is far from being Streep’s signature film/role and she’s no better than the 5th best (or most important) performance in the film. I think Deer Hunter is a masterpiece (though not

The 4th Best Actress of All-Time: Giulietta Masina

best film: Juliet of the Spirits passed La Strada on my all-time list in 2016 or so when I saw it last. I currently have it as the 80th best film of all-time and La

The 5th Best Actress of All-Time: Lillian Gish

best film: Intolerance is a giant masterpiece that has influenced everyone from Von Stroheim to David Lean and Christopher Nolan. Gish doesn’t have a big part in it (she plays the handle that rocks the

Never Say Never Again – 1983 Kershner

It’s the 7th and final time Connery played James Bond- probably the 5th or 6th best—it’s twelve years since his last (1971 Diamonds are Forever- the worst one) and he’s 53 years old here The

The 6th Best Actress of All-Time: Jeanne Moreau

best film: Jules and Jim. I have Jules and Jim as the 15th best film of all-time. That also makes it the best film of the French New Wave, the best film from France, and

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – 1969 Roy Hill

It’s a collaborative masterpiece. Roy Hill is a solid director (the Sting) but here he’s aided by an oscar- winning (and sharp as hell) screenplay by William Goldman, Oscar-winning photography by Conrad Hall (one of

Tokyo Story – 1953 Ozu

This Ozu study has helped but i think mainly I’m just a better critic than i was in the past (if i do say so myself). I do think the critical community is partly to

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