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Exhibition – 2013 Hogg

Although it’s a step back from Archipelago it is a confirmation of Hogg’s talent and observational style. Static camera, often shot in long takes, about intellectuals or the bourgeoisie, strong compositions (the window theme set

Meantime – 1983 Leigh

I haven’t seen Mike Leigh’s 1971 Bleak Moments which was his debut, but after a decade of directing television episodes this he made Meantime- albeit a made for TV movie. In an era in the

Parasite – 2019 Bong Joon Ho

Bong’s strongest achievement to date—a razor sharp script, engaging narrative, funny, sociopoliticalA brilliant opening shot from the basement of the Kim’s semi-sunk apartment (with drying socks as their chandelier). It ends on the same note

The Departed – 2006 Scorsese

Sep 2017 which was probably the 10th time I’ve seen it There really aren’t that many films in history that are both this high in quality, and have so many big actors doing such superior

Kundun – 1997 Scorsese

As just a film, it’s a fine effort, certainly in the archives, handsomely mounted with some nice photography and soft elliptical editing that matches material. However, as a Scorsese film—it’s a disappointment. It seems aggressively

The 112th Best Director of All-Time: Michael Curtiz

Curtiz. Curtiz is the pretty far down this list for someone with a masterpiece on the level of Casablanca. He’s not a “style-plus” director and his auteur status can’t match his own filmography (he has the

The Lighthouse – 2019 Eggers

A confirmation of Eggers’ prodigious gifts and his auteur standing after the 2015 debut- The WitchHypnotically beautiful to look at (and listen to) but more than that really: distinctive, meticulous – I called The Witch

Force of Evil – 1948 Polonsky

Part film noir, part political allegory buried in a crime genre movie --- Abraham Polonsky’s debut film (background as a screenwriter- Body and Soul with Garfield in 1947) has strong performances, visuals and writing79 perfectly

Unrelated – 2007 Hogg

It’s a rough sketch, Joanna Hogg’s first feature film, and just a faint indicator of her future brilliance (notably in her follow-up sophomore effort the 2010 film Archipelago)Being transparent—I saw this before Archipelago and didn’t

Archipelago – 2010 Hogg

An announcement of a burgeoning auteur- Joanna Hogg- it is her second film after 2007’s Unrelated Archipelago is much prettier than the crassly shot debut—much more attractive in its photography and decidedly more poised in

The 111th Best Director of All-Time: Hsiao-Hsien Hou

Hsiao-Hsien Hou. I’m in a difficult spot with HHH. The ranking of the best directors of all-time is a project I started in early 2019 (largely based on my list of the top 500 films

Loro – 2018 Sorrentino

Is there an auteur that makes a better first 15 minutes of his/her films? Il Divo, The Great Beauty-- both explode out of the gates. Loro is no exception, the spectacle (both in gaudy content

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