Bill Paxton

Bill Paxton. Paxton is going to be remembered for his comedic performances in James Cameron films (even near dark (bigelow) was produced by Cameron). He’s absolutely essential in these blockbusters. Paxton also directed frailty and

Best Actors in the World- 2017

Leonardo Dicaprio (1)- One year removed from the revenant  he’s still clearly the king. He hasn’t started shooting anything new and had nothing in both 2016 and 2014… hopefully he’s not following DDL’s “less is more”

Best Actresses in the World- 2017

Amy Adams (5)- Adams was #1 in 2014 in what is always a tight race for the top slot with these familiar names. Oscar nom or not she gives one of the year’s best

RIP – John Hurt

Really sad to lose John Hurt. He was an amazing actor and has 22 archiveable films (which is astounding) over a 50 year period. 22 archiveable films, 2 nominations for midnight express and the

Four Actors of a Generation

With Sully (which I didn't include because it's too fresh) out and Denzel's magnificent seven kicking off TIFF (weak reviews) a few weeks back thought I'd try to break down this generation of actors...

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