The 53rd Best Actor of All-Time: Ralph Fiennes

best film: For now it’s Schindler’s List. It’s still relatively new out there so I’m not ready to say Wes Anderson’s gorgeous Grand Budapest is superior to Spielberg’s (equally gorgeous) 1993 masterpiece. This was Fiennes’

The 54th Best Actor of All-Time: Chishû Ryû

best film: Tokyo Story is known as Ozu’s masterpiece and righty so- but Ozu’s work was so consistent (and consistently brilliant) that he’s a body of work auteur—not an auteur that’s stature is built on

The 55th Best Actor of All-Time: Peter O’Toole

best film: Lawrence of Arabia is the 12th best film of all-time according to my last update and a giant masterpiece. Lean’s epic is simply one of the most beautiful films of all-time, film’s greatest

The 56th Best Actor of All-Time: Heath Ledger

best film: The Dark Knight as his best film is an easier answer than “best performance” for Ledger. I’m an admirer of Brokeback Mountain and it’s an excellent film—but the answer is Nolan’s 2008 masterpiece

The 57th Best Actor of All-Time: Morgan Freeman

best film: Morgan Freeman’s best film is probably Unforgiven (Dark Knight another fine option/masterpiece) but how about the idea that The Shawshank Redemption is his fifth best film? Pretty wild, right? I love Shawshank Redemption

The 58th Best Actor of All-Time: Orson Welles

best film: Citizen Kane is a top five all-time film. It is so clearly worthy of its lofty reputation and the praise bestowed upon it. It’s a stylistic showpiece that never gets old or relents.

The 59th Best Actor of All-Time: Jeff Bridges

best film: The Big Lebowski. It’s always a great sign for an actor or actress when their best film lines up with their best performance. The Big Lebowski is a comic masterpiece that ranks amongst

The 60th Best Actor of All-Time: Michael Caine

best film: Hannah and Her Sisters though this could certainly change over time as the closest two contenders are so recent that I hesitate to compare them with a film like Hannah which I have

The 61st Best Actor of All-Time: James Dean

best film: Rebel Without a Cause. James Dean made three films and I’d accept any as his best film and any as his best performance. They’re all close. I’d give the edge to his work

The 62nd Best Actor of All-Time: Alain Delon

best film: Rocco and His Brothers. I only have seven total films in the archives for Delon but look at them- they’re all so damn good.  Antonioni’s The Eclipse is a fabulous film and it

The 63rd Best Actor of All-Time: Steve McQueen

best film: Bullitt though I’m not married to this one. The Great Escape is excellent, Peckinpah’s The Getaway has grown on me over the years. For now though, I’m good with Bullitt as McQueen’s best

The 64th Best Actor of All-Time: Martin Sheen

best film: Apocalypse Now is a monster. Over the years it’s been creeping up the list on the TSPDT and Sight and Sound top 100 (currently at #11 and #14). I’ve had it as the

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