The 65th Best Actor of All-Time: Warren Beatty

best film: McCabe & Mrs. Miller and this one has changed and evolved over the years. It used to be Bonnie and Clyde- which I consider a masterpiece as well- but Altman’s mood piece with

The 66th Best Actor of All-Time: Anthony Hopkins

best film: The Silence of the Lambs is the sole Hopkins masterpiece.  Howard’s End is fantastic, as is The Elephant Man and Nixon (all top 10 worthy in their year) but the choice here is

The 67th Best Actor of All-Time: Robert Duvall

best film: Apocalypse Now is the second best film of all-time so if you were in it, or a part of it, it’s your best film (there is zero overlapping cast with my #1 film:

The 68th Best Actor of All-Time: Johnny Depp

best film:  Dead Man is the easy winner here and I’m a big admirer of the artistic accomplishments of Public Enemies, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Ed Wood. Of course, you could bring

The 69th Best Actor of All-Time: Frank Sinatra

best film:  The Manchurian Candidate though I suspect many will have Some Came Running- a film so influential to the French New Wave. Manchurian Candidate is a masterpiece (the 94 on metacritic is no joke)

The 70th Best Actor of All-Time: Jack Lemmon

best film:  JFK is actually the best  film Jack Lemmon is in and it’s no cameo- though he’s a psoke in the larger ensemble wheel. If you’re going with films that he starred in it

The 71st Best Actor of All-Time: Gary Cooper

best film: For Cooper it’s a two-horse race between Morocco and High Noon. These two masterpieces are 22 years apart (1930 and 1952) and couldn’t be more different (one is an adventure romance from Von

The 72nd Best Actor of All-Time: Peter Lorre

best film: It’s Casablanca but not by much. I have Casablanca 16 spots above M and both in my top 50 of all-time. 16 spots is not a lot so this could change over time.

The 73rd Best Actor of All-Time: Edward G. Robinson

best film: Double Indemnity is the best film Robinson was in and he’s integral to the noir masterpiece. In your mind put another actor in place of him for his key scenes with Fred MacMurray—

The 74th Best Actor of All-Time: Bruce Willis

best film: Pulp Fiction is Willis’ best film though Die Hard is exceptional and I have Moonrise Kingdom as a masterpiece as well. His fourth best film is probably 12 Monkeys so the top is

The 75th Best Actor of All-Time: Samuel L. Jackson

best film: This all depends on what you think of his pit-stop of a performance in Goodfellas (which I have ever-so-slightly above Pulp Fiction).  I don’t think it’s enough of a performance so I’m going

The 76th Best Actor of All-Time: Rod Steiger

best film: It’s either On the Waterfront from Kazan in 1954 or Doctor Zhivago from Lean in 1965. I think I’m still going with Kazan’s classic film as Steiger’s best. He’s not Brando- but he’s

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