best film: Midsommar.  Minor spoilers here so consider yourself warned. This is a tough year to select a #1 film. In years like 2011, 2016 or 2018 there is one single film standing alone on


best film: Roma- Cuaron is a proven master of cinema with a top 100 of all-time film under his belt (Children of Men in 2006) who may have topped himself (though I’m not there yet).


best film: Dunkirk is a masterstroke and landmark film in the history of film editing. Nolan not only handles the three narratives in a completely distinctive and inventive way (here it may not be Rashoman


best film: La La Land came along in December of 2016 and saved a really weak year. Chazelle’s Whiplash is brilliant but even with my high esteem for that film, I didn’t see this stylistic


best film: The Revenant gives Inarritu back-to-back best films of the year which is nearly unheard of (as of right now you have to  (I believe) go back to 1923-24 with Buster Keaton and then


best film: Birdman’s bold cinematography and visual high-wire-act transcends a film that already had acting and writing good enough to land solidly into the top 10 even if it was directed by Ron Howard or


best film: Gravity. I’m 4 days removed from my most recent visit of Inside Llewyn Davis so I don’t trust myself enough yet to put that #1 supplanting Gravity. There was no question which was


best film: It took 4 viewings for me to get there but I’m now pretty damn confident that PT Anderson’s The Master is the class of 2012. It edges out and replaces Wes Anderson’s Moonrise


best film: I’m pretty confident that Tree of Life is Malick’s greatest work.  If it is, it makes it one of of the best 50 films of all-time and as highly as I think of


best film: Inception remains my top film of 2010- the year I got back into cinema with a vengeance after a 2-3 year break (sort of- I still watched like 4 movies a week during


best film: I wish I felt as confident here on my top 5 of 2009 as I do on my top 5 of 2007. Just a few years back I had Fantastic Mr. Fox at


best film: 2008 is the year of The Dark Knight. As much as I like Wall-E, Wendy & Lucy and some others the best film, performance, and work by a director from the year easily

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