best film:  Michael Mann’s heat is an epic crime saga masterpiece. It’s told in an operatic go-for-broke style that, in lesser hands, could’ve been one of the worst movies of any given year—instead of one


best film:  Pulp Fiction on the page alone may be good enough to be one of the best films of the year. However, when you consider Tarantino’s work as director you have, quite easily, the


best film:  Schindler’s List edged out The Piano for 1993’s best film. Over the years I’ve changed my mind a few times between these two masterpieces and I have it as a virtual tie. In


best film:  Spike Lee’s Malcolm X is rarity- a biopic that is very audacious in both narrative and visual ambition. Denzel’s singular achievement here is the definition of tour-de-force—certainly a top 5 performance of the


best film: JFK is a landmark in film editing. I may have to revisit my short-list in the light of Dunkirk here in 2017 but it’s one of the films I mention again and again


best film: Goodfellas is narrative and stylistic cinematic bliss. I could watch it once a week. It has everything from some of the more memorable characters (acted to perfection be Liotta, Pesci and De Niro)


best film: As much as I liked she’s gotta have it, spike’s debut film, and there’s some interesting stuff in 1988’s school daze, there was no predicting the brilliance of Spike Lee’s 3rd feature. Do


best film: I have David Cronenberg as the 31st best director of all-time and dead ringers is his best film. This ranking for cronenberg puts him above Spielberg, Rossellini, Wilder and Bresson. That should give


best film: Kubrick’s full metal jacket is my #1 film but may be my weakest film to land at my annual #1 since 1935’s the 39 steps by Hitchcock. It’s the best film of the


best film: blue velvet is still my top rated lynch film though mulholland drive has been gaining on it over the years. The entire film is haunting—even the scenes that are hokey (some of the


best film: Brazil is, at one time, one of the greatest sci-fi films of all-time, one of the greatest comedies of all-time, and so unmissably one of the most terry Gilliam movies of all-time. It


best film: Leone’s once upon a time in america is hauntingly beautiful in one scene and then crass and crude in the next. It’s a spectacular contrast (1900 by fellow Italian bertolucci is similar). It’s

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