Best Directors in the World 2019

Here’s my annual stab at listing and ranking the best directors on the planet. Usually I look at the last 10 years’ worth of work with a heavy emphasis on even more recent work in

The Best Director of All-Time: Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock. I really only had one other candidate for the #1 slot. Forget “pop” artist or best director, Hitchcock is as good a candidate as any for the greatest artist of the 20th century (given cinema

The 2nd Best Director of All-Time: Stanley Kubrick

Kubrick. Kubrick was the one I was going back and forth with for the #1 slot. I don’t think I would’ve felt this strongly about his case for #1 if it weren’t for my elevation of 2001 in recent

The 3rd Best Director of All-Time: John Ford

John Ford. This was pretty much impossible for me to do. I had Hitchock and Kubrick as my clear 1-2. I had Ford virtually tied with four others. I went through a ton of metrics and tiebreakers

The 4th Best Director of All-Time: Ingmar Bergman

Bergman. For my #4 slot I went with Bergman. Bergman’s case is every strong. I have him graded out with 6 masterpieces which is tied for the most of any director all-time.  He also has

The 5th Best Director of All-Time: Martin Scorsese

The 5th Best Director of All-Time: Martin Scorsese I went with Scorsese for my #5 director of all-time. He’s the highest rated living (and active) director on the list! In some ways Scorsese is the

The 6th Best Director of All-Time: Federico Fellini

Fellini. The last time I did my top 100 was in 2012. I’m overdue and want to update that- maybe after this project. Well, the last time I did it, I had two Fellini films in my top 10.

The 7th Best Director of All-Time: Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola. The case for Coppola is his masterpieces, in particular, having freaking godfather II as his 3rd best film. TSPDT has his big 3 as the 7th, 12th, and 21st best of all-time. I have them at 2nd, 7th,

The 8th Best Director of All-Time: Akira Kurosawa

Kurosawa. It seems a little trendy to triumph Ozu and Mitzoguchi in favor of Kurosawa these days in some cinema circles. Based on my humble film knowledge and my limited film viewing regiment (cough) I don’t agree

The 9th Best Director of All-Time: Orson Welles

Welles. I love Welles and his films. He’s undoubtedly a better director than the resulting filmography if that makes sense. TSPDT has him 2nd (behind Hitchcock) on the all-time director list based on a composite list.

The 10th Best Director of All-Time: Andrei Tarkovsky

Tarkovsky. The soviet’s answer to Kubrick until he defected in 1979 amid controversy surrounding the first day (an unmade movie with allegories critical of the USSR (apparently more overt than the others throughout his career)). Tarkovsky joins

The 11th Best Director of All-Time: François Truffaut

Truffaut. No frogs in the top 10? I know. I’m actually more bullish on Truffaut than most cinephiles. Playful and largely accessible- could there be another auteur more different than the auteur directly in front of him:

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