The 120th Best Director of All-Time: Robert Zemeckis

Zemeckis.  Zemeckis is a technological innovator and architect of great blockbusters for over 30 years now (ok so only 2 so far in the 21st century so it’s been quiet lately). There are some Zemeckis detractors out there

The 119th Best Director of All-Time: Victor Fleming

Fleming.  Fleming has two films in the top 100 (wow!) and 5 in the top 100 of their respective decade. So what gives? That resume should put him closer to a top 50 director than

The 118th Best Director of All-Time: Carol Reed

Reed. A second viewing of Odd Man Out could change Reed’s placement here and push him closer to the top 100 (or even in it). The visual evidence here below with the images below is

The 117th Best Director of All-Time: King Vidor

Vidor. King Vidor to be specific (not Charles Vidor who directed Gilda) is the #117 best director of all-time.  His strength is his depth of quality in his body of work- especially having 6 films

The 116th Best Director of All-Time: James Whale

Whale. James Whale’s strength is he was a major auteur in the 1930’s. His output includes four films that land in the top 100 of that decade. His filmography ranks him out at #122 overall

The 115th Best Director of All-Time: Peter Jackson

Jackson. Obviously Jackson isn’t on this list without The Lord of the Rings but the momentous achievement of that masterpiece cannot overlooked. I count The Lord of the Rings as one film in the same way I count Dekalog

The 114th Best Director of All-Time: Samuel Fuller

Fuller. “If you don’t like Sam Fuller, you just don’t like cinema.” – Martin Scorsese. How about that? haha. For the purposes of this list fuller’s weakness is his best film (certainly he can’t match

The 113th Best Director of All-Time: Dario Argento

Argento. Dario Argento is the master of Italian Giallo- a horror subgenre. His filmography (mostly on the strength of Suspiria) ranks him 98th and he’s definitely a style-plus auteur. That’s his case (and that’s why

The 112th Best Director of All-Time: Michael Curtiz

Curtiz. Curtiz is the pretty far down this list for someone with a masterpiece on the level of Casablanca. He’s not a “style-plus” director and his auteur status can’t match his own filmography (he has the

The 111th Best Director of All-Time: Hsiao-Hsien Hou

Hsiao-Hsien Hou. I’m in a difficult spot with HHH. The ranking of the best directors of all-time is a project I started in early 2019 (largely based on my list of the top 500 films

The 110th Best Director of All-Time: Elia Kazan

Kazan. Kazan’s strength is his unparalleled work with actors and that just gets eclipsed by so many auteurs with a superior cinematic style. That said- his filmography and impact on naturalism and acting is still

The 109th Best Director of All-Time: Christopher Nolan

Nolan.  Christopher Nolan is right there with Iñárritu as the best director to have his first archiveable film in the 21st century. As I said with Iñárritu my main guidance for this list is the list

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