The 96th Best Director of All-Time: Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols. I’m higher on Nichols than the majority of cinema buffs for two main reasons: A. I have The Graduate as an unquestionable top 100 film, and B. I also have Carnal Knowledge as a top

The 95th Best Director of All-Time: Pedro Almodovar

Almodovar. Almodovar has produced a masterpiece and a deep filmography (12 archiveable films and counting) that are all unmistakably Almodovarian’. That’s pretty rare in contemporary cinema where you can have 9th or 10th film from an auteur

The 94th Best Director of All-Time: Jonathan Demme

Demme. Demme’s strengths are really his dedication to his chosen aesthetics. He’s made a political thriller remake (Manchurian Candidate), a courtroom drama (Philadelphia), an odd romance (Something Wild) and a serial killer potboiler (Silence of

The 93rd Best Director of All-Time: Preston Sturges

Preston Sturges. Sturges was the foremost film satirist of his era and was absolutely unstoppable from 1940-1944. In those 5 years he made 7 archiveable films- 4 of those films were in the top 5

The 92nd Best Director of All-Time: Yimou Zhang

Yimou Zhang.  The impressive resume of Yimou zhang starts with the unmitigated triumph of 1991’s Raise the Red Lantern. Red Sorghum 4 years prior was the work of a clear talent and in the early

The 91st Best Director of All-Time: Wim Wenders

Wenders. It never hurts to be an incredible photographer who makes beautiful films. Wenders’ strengths here are Kings of the Road as his best film, The American Friend as his 4th best film, and the

The 90th Best Director of All-Time: Darren Aronofsky

Aronofsky. I’m not sure he is done. It would seem that way (writing this in 2019 it seems like a long time since Black Swan) but Mother! showed ambition and I look forward to a

The 89th Best Director of All-Time: Oliver Stone

Stone. I’ve thought for years that Stone is underrated for two reasons: 1. His subjects are controversial (Lars von Trier is polarizing on metacritic but has managed to be adored by TSPDT) 2. He’s a

The 88th Best Director of All-Time: William Wyler

Wyler. He only has 3 films in the TSPDT top consensus 1000. I’ve got that many in the top 500 and a whopping 8 in the top 100 of their respective decade (which since I

The 87th Best Director of All-Time: Steven Soderbergh

Soderbergh. It seems unlikely that Soderbergh won’t have 20+ archiveable films when it’s all said and done (he’s at 15 as of 2019) and that’s remarkable for a contemporary auteur. This is 3 and 5

The 86th Best Director of All-Time: Richard Linklater

Linklater. Linklater is no visual master and only has two films in the top 500 of all-time. However, has an unbelievably (had to double-check) high 8 films that land in the top 100 of their

The 85th Best Director of All-Time: Otto Preminger

Preminger. Preminger made 4 outstanding top 500 of all-time films that helped him make this list. That many films in the top 500 would normally warrant a higher ranking but Preminger has zero films in

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