Inside Llewyn Davis – 2013 Coen

Saw it twice in theater in early 2014 and then a third time in March 2018 and a fourth in January 2020I don’t want to overreact to a recently viewing but I think it does

Toni – 1935 Renoir

Toni is a prime example Renoir’s trademark poetic realism—and it foreshadows both Italian neo-realism (the subjects being Italian doesn’t hurt when thinking about this comparison) movement and the Hollywood noir antihero’s that would pervade so

Midsommar – 2019 Aster

Viewing 1 in July 2019, Viewing 2.0 January 2020With this and 2018’s Hereditary as his debut, Aster has announced himself as one of the preeminent auteurs in cinema, genre artist or otherwise Starts with a

The Man From London – 2007 Tarr

Only when sandwiched between Werckmeister Harmonies (and this was 7 years in the making after that film which was 6 years in the making after Satantango) and The Turin Horse does Tarr’s The Man From

Step Brothers – 2008 McKay

Absolutely hilarious- one of the funniest movies of the 21st centuryThe laughs are layered in and it gets funnier with every rewatch -- it was probably the fifth time I saw it before I started

Green Book – 2018 Farrelly

Green Book historically will go down as one of the lesser deserving Best Picture winners. That’s not Green Book’s fault, and it is not alone (The Artist from 2011 is just as undeserving and there

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – 2011 David Yates

If you want to combine DH Part 1 and Part 2 that’s totally fine—the combined work would be in the archives—I’ve found that Part 2 is much strongerThe narrative absolutely soars—Part 2 in particular is

The Passion of Joan of Arc – 1928 Dreyer

Saw it for probably the 5th time in January 2018—6th time in January 2020 It’s a film I’m going to try to get to every year or so. It’s formally flawless and stylistically audacious at

Mr. Turner – 2014 Leigh

Mr. Turner is partly true to form Leigh (plotless, rich characterizations) and partly paving new ground (some of the visuals here put David Lean to shame) some of the visuals here put David Lean to

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – 2009 David Yates

I’m disappointed in myself that I was oblivious to this film’s (readily apparent) beauty until this most recent rewatch. It’s been the biggest revelation for me rewatching the series of films--- I think I’ve seen

1917 – 2019 Mendes

1917 is almost absurd achievement of cinema from Sam Mendes The camerawork by Mendes and Roger Deakins is front and center in the praise (and odd enough the boldness of their endeavor actually turned some

An Elephant Sitting Still – 2018 Bo Hu

Simultaneously Bo Hu’s impressive debut and, tragically, his final film—as he took his own life at the age of 29 before the film’s release. Bo Hu was a student of Bela Tarr- and you can

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