Jurassic Park – 1993 Spielberg

Reading the RT reviews--- the reaction to the film from critics in 1993 is demonstrably different than 2013 (re-release). Critics in 2013 adore the film. It’s not quite on the level of like Big Lebowski

Larceny, Inc. – 1942 Bacon

Loved so much by Woody Allen that he basically remade it as Small Time Crooks- this here is superior There’s not much here visually from Bacon but Edward G. Robinson is a great commander at the

I Was Born, But… – 1932 Ozu

Not sure of the influence level (no idea if Ozu could have or did see these) but has something in common with for sure with Buster Keaton’s work in the 20’s and the Little Rascals

Dr. No – 1962 Young

It’s the first Bond film- and still one of the better half dozen or so. This one is largely like a mystery film with Bond as detective Compared to the bigger set pieces and extravaganza

Tokyo Chorus – 1931 Ozu

Silent—Despite The Jazz Singer in 1927 and the advent of sound Ozu didn’t make his first sound film until 1936 This wasn’t seen in US until 1982 Ozu almost always starts his films (during this

Code Unknown – 2000 Haneke

It’s a very strong entry for Haneke’s oeuvre, Binoche’s, and the intersecting or non-linear narrative (pulp fiction, Rashoman, mystery train, Inarritu) sub-genre—the full name of the film is code unknown: Incomplete Tales of Several Journeys

Bottle Rocket – 1996 Wes Anderson

Anderson’s much ballyhooed debut is neither a top 10 film of the decade (I don’t even have it in the top 10 of 1996) like Scorsese picked it as, nor is it the unarchivable yet

Prospero’s Books – 1991 Greenaway

It’s a visual marvel but its narrative momentum/strength isn’t near what some of his previous films are—as Ebert says, ““it need not make sense, and it is not “too difficult” because it could not have

The Dresser – 1983 Yates

It’s an actors showcase first and foremost and Tom Courtenay and Albert Finney are fantastic here 5 noms, a bit surprising, but it’s not a world-beating year from the US and UK—up for pic, director,

Happy End – 2017 Haneke

It’s Haneke’s 10th archiveable film which is no small feat in 2017 I’m not the first person to mention it but it does play like a bit of a “greatest hits” for Haneke and return

Inside Llewyn Davis – 2013 Coen

I need time—but it may go down as the Coen brothers’ best work The Coen brothers make films that are indelibly their own—and have their distinct voice—as this film does—but they are also very keen

Chimes at Midnight – 1965 Welles

It features typically spectacular visuals form Welles and a poignant narrative Welles use of natural light has rarely, if ever, been better. There are shots of the sun pouring into the castle that are amongst

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