Lawrence of Arabia – 1962 Lean


David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia is both the smartest epic (not a description you’d give to many in the genre actually) and the most epic of epics. Lean’s ability to capture the breathtaking locations with

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The Lodge – 2019 Fiala & Franz


It’s hard not to see Hereditary (out in 2018- a year before) in the formal construct of the horror film with a reoccurring dollhouse motif- but still- this is a unique enough effort- and undoubtedly

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Yojimbo – 1961 Kurosawa


Another outstanding Kurosawa effort where you could write 1000 words on the cultural impact and cinematic influence. Certainly without Yojimbo- we wouldn’t have Fistful of Dollars which was the breakthrough film for both Sergio Leone

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Code of Silence – 1985 Andrew Davis


It feels strange archiving a Chuck Norris film Andrew Davis is no auteur- but he’s a solid director putting together a string of excellent films starting with this in 1985, The Package in 1989 with

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The Talented Mr. Ripley – 1999 Minghella


Anthony Minghella parlayed the artistic and financial success of 1996 The English Patient into this large-canvas, picturesque revenge thriller A meditation of infatuation and envy To me this is sacred text- Patricia Highsmith’s work. Ripley

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Shock Corridor – 1963 Fuller


Not Fuller’s best (that’s Park Row or Pickup on South Street) but it is the most Sam Fuller of Sam Fuller films; low budget, overflowing with energy, bad taste, unsubtle--- full of fresh ideas, reveling

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Broadway Melody of 1940 – 1940 Taurog


The fourth and final film in the series- the best one and the first one with Fred Astaire (probably no coincidence) Frank Morgan (from Wizard of Oz, The Shop Around the Corner and a lot

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Broadway Melody of 1938 – 1937 Del Ruth


The third in the series here—they add a young talented Judy Garland (age 15, her second film) and make a bigger role for Buddy Ebsen but this one still misses the sharp wit of Jack

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One-Eyed Jacks – 1961 Brando


The one and only film directed by Brando There are so many rumors about the production—it was a little 1960’s version of Heaven’s Gate  with the production issues Brando may not have known what he

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Broadway Melody of 1936 – 1935 Del Ruth


Not a misprint here- came out in 1935 the year before the title- common with this series of films It stars Jack Benny, Eleanor Powell, and Robert Taylor—debut of Buddy Ebsen as a dancer- long

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The Bad Sleep Well – 1960 Kurosawa


Kurosawa’s loose take on Hamlet (about corporate corruption in contemporary Japan) is simply one of the great master’s finest works. The first 20 minutes- the wedding reception- gives the opening reception in The Godfather a

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Underworld U.S.A. – 1961 Fuller


Sam Fuller cinema- ferocious, visceral, sleazy – but clever as well Former infantry soldier and newspaperman- each Fuller film is part expose- uncovering and debunking – here it is organized crime, the vice rackets—not unlike

Underworld U.S.A. – 1961 Fuller2020-07-12T13:16:09+00:00
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