Cleopatra – 1963 Mankiewicz

Famous/infamous for being the most expensive movie of all-time when you adjust for inflation—apparently at or nearing 60m in budget in 1963—the other thing it’d be famous/infamous for is for the Liz Taylor and Richard

Spotlight – 2015 McCarthy

An engaging and detailed docudrama proceduralHoward Shore does great work here with his subtle scoreAcademy Award winner for best picture and screenplay and that—and the acting- are the strengths of the film—I’m not dying to

Libel – 1959 Asquith

Dirk Bogarde is fantastic-  not only a dual role (they didn’t really have these in 1959 like we see with Dead Ringers, Adaptation and so many others more contemporary cinema – I guess Alec Guinness

A Star is Born – 2018 Bradley Cooper

1.0- October 2018 electricity on the stage thanks to Aronofsky's DP Matthew Libatique and raw intimacy in the dramatic off-stage scenes thanks to two (or three if you count sam elliott) powerhouse performances (tremendous moment

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – 2004 McKay

I think only now with the hindsight of McKay’s established style in The Big Short and Vice is Anchorman archiveableLike the rest of his work this has a ridiculous quote in the prologueWe have cameos

Happy as Lazzaro – 2018 Rohrwacher

A Biblical parable—a film of two halves that reminded me of the work of Ermanno Olmi, Bertolucci, Walt Disney, Bresson, Being There and Apichatpong WeerasethakulShot on 16mmRural first half—grounded in neo-realism with hardships, unprofessional extras

Tom Jones – 1963 Richardson

It’s British New Wave (clearly Richardson from Look Back in Anger, Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner) taking on some of the style of the French New Wave- mainly TruffautOne of the best edited films

Somewhere – 2010 Sofia Coppola

A meditation on isolation and celebrity that has to be seen in the context of Sofia’s brilliant oeuvre. These are hermetically-sealed worlds- Virgin Suicides, The Beguiled-- privilege- Bling Ring, Marie Antoinette Opens with a metaphor

Guys and Dolls – 1955 Mankiewicz

A step back for Mankiewicz after Mrs. Muir, Letter to Three Wives, All About Eve, Julius Caesar and Barefoot Contessa- there are some nice color cinemascope sequences and shots but he’s just not a natural

The Barefoot Contessa – 1954 Mankiewicz

Checks many of the boxes laid by the previous works in Mankiewicz’s oeuvre—there’s heavy voice-over narration (again—like Letter to Three Wives and All About Eve)multiple voices/POV’s, flashback narrative structure, cynical- biting dialogue—this one is even

Cold War – 2018 Pawlikowski

It’s a stylistic supernova— it actually has so much in common with Cuaron’s Roma—but certainly from Antonioni (l’eclisse, l’avventura) If it wasn’t brazenly evident already with 2013’s Ida, Pawlikowski has arrived as one of this generation’s

Ida – 2013 Pawlikowski

A second look as revealed what could be the best film of 2013Crisp monochrome photography- Arri Alexa 35mm Mise-en-scene compositions—photography—among the best of the decade 1.37: 1 box aspect ratio- influences Schrader’s First Reformed Another

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