Under the Silver Lake – 2018 Robert Mitchell

Ultimately it’s a slight disappointment after the promise of David Robert Mitchell’s talent in 2014’s It Follows (this isn’t as good) but I thought enough of it to archive it, scratch my head at how

The Age of Innocence – 1993 Scorsese

On the surface it feels like an odd choice for a Scorsese filmMost of his films are modern, rated R (a hard R usually), they’re about the quote “lower class” or underbelly of society, and

Ad Astra – 2019 Gray

After one viewing I think this is James Gray’s finest work—and I say that as a big admirer of Gray as an auteur--  each of the last four films of his has made it onto

Hustlers – 2019 Scafaria

Pretty easily in the archives- director Lorene Scafaria get a powerhouse capital “S” Star performance out of Jennifer Lopez and gives us a Goodfellas-like/lite (description of the style, entertaining narrative, and rise and fall story-arch

Den of Thieves – 2018 Gudegast

Director Christian Gudagast clearly worships at the altar of Michael Mann and Heat – haha- at least half the reviews mention it (what are the other half watching?)Gerard Butler is really strong in the lead—drunk,

The Assassin – 2015 Hsiao-Hsien Hou

Two elements make this one of 2015’s best films--- the wall-art photography exterior establishing shots (this is actually new for HHH after 3+ decades of making films) and the interior use of silk curtains to

Stargate – 1994 Emmerich

I’m not the world’s biggest admirer of Roland Emmerich (I think this is the only film in the archives) but I think this one is worthy of a fringe recommendation and entry to the archives

Cape Fear – 1991 Scorsese

It was no secret at the time that this was a “one for them” project in a deal he made with Spielberg’s Amblin/Universal after more passionate projects like The Last Temptation of Christ and Goodfellas

Goodfellas – 1990 Scorsese

One of Scorsese’s three finest films (spending too much time arguing between this Raging Bull, and Taxi Driver isn’t fruitful) which puts it up there all-time with any film (it is my current #22 film

The Last Temptation of Christ – 1988 Scorsese

Seeing it here (probably for the 5th time) for the first time in the immediate wake of Scorsese’s previous oeuvre is to see the connective tissue between with the Catholic guilt that pervades so much

Rambo: First Blood Part II – 1985 George Cosmatos

It’s a different film than 1982’s First Blood- this is more like a straight revenge (simple, over the top) 1980’s action B-movie. First Blood is trying to say something and strikes a more specific mood---

Flight of the Red Balloon – 2007 Hsiao-Hsien Hou

So Café Lumiere (from 2003, one of HHH’s strongest efforts) was an outward homage to Ozu while still staying true to Hou’s voice and brand as an auteur himself--- this is much the same with

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