Late Autumn – 1960 Ozu

Essentially it’s a remake of Late Spring from 1949- one of Ozu’s classics. Changes are that it’s in color (of course this is his stretch of his late five color films), it’s a daughter/mother (instead

The Pornographers – 1966 Imamura

My first viewing—starts off with a shaky narrative but the dedication to the gorgeous aesthetic moved it from a Recommend, to a top 10, to a Must-See top 5 of the year quality film I

First Reformed – 2017 Schrader

It’s indeed Schrader’s best film since Affliction in 1997 and his first archiveable films since Auto Focus in 2002. It may be better than Affliction but I’m not ready to commit to that after one

Floating Weeds – 1959 Ozu

It’s a remake of his stylistic breakthrough 1934 film A Story of Floating Weeds--- it’s where he first started his cutaways/pillow shots. Ozu is almost always basically remaking his own films as far as both

Crimes of Passion – 1984 Ken Russell

It’s a Ken Russell film which means it’s controversial in subject matter, visually experimental, and basis much of it around sex vs religion. Basically John Laughlin and Kathleen Turner fall in love through sex and

Good Morning – 1959 Ozu

Certainly Ozu’s lightest film in decades—a far from A Hen in the Wind – this one recalls 1932’s I was Born, but … but with Ozu’s mise-en-scene detail and movement towards those beautifully pillow shots-

The Rider – 2017 Chloé Zhao

It’s a bit of a disappointment with the 92 on metacritic It’s first and foremost a docudrama or entrée in the long proud history of neo-realism—it’s almost so real (real actors playing themselves like Close-Up

Equinox Flower – 1958 Ozu

Ozu’s first color film—very heavy on the reds mostly—but pops of orange, green and yellow as well- it’s a fascinating film Train station opening after an establishing shot of the city—then we go to a

Tokyo Twilight – 1957 Ozu

Ozu’s darkest film since at least A Hen in the Wind in 1948 His last B/W film and the lighting even looks darker here to match the devastating sadness and dour atmosphere in the film-

American Sniper – 2014 Eastwood

Another worthy entry i(n a long line of them) on violence from auteur Clint Eastwood—this would be the start of his hero trilogy followed by Sully and then The 15:17 to Paris (which I haven’t

Early Spring – 1956 Ozu

It’s a top 10 film (towards the bottom) of 1956 but with three years off after 1953’s masterpiece, Tokyo Story, it’s a bit of a disappointment for an auteur so clearly in his prime. Starts

Thelma & Louise – 1991 Ridley Scott

It’s one of Scott’s better non Alien/Blade Runner efforts—superbly acted, great Hans Zimmer Score, landscape photography in Utah I think it owes a lot to Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. It’s a buddy movie

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