Annihilation – 2018 Garland

Shows that Garland’s directorial debut, Ex Machina, was no fluke The film is filled with many of the same preoccupations as Garland’s debut—heavy stuff—metaphysical and existential with a dark outlook in the sci-fi genre It’s

Sergeant Rutledge – 1960 Ford

It’s notable today for being the first western to star a black man—Willy Strode (a Ford regular). Strode actually played football at UCLA with Jackie Robinson. In that regards it’s a landmark film Strode shares

A Zed and Two Noughts – 1985 Greenaway

It’s a major leap forward for Greenaway and a clear precursor to the cook, the thief, hjs wife and her lover Like most of the rest of his films there’s a symbolic death ritual finale

The Four Feathers – 1939 Zoltan Korda

Sadly it’s an overlooked and underrated film (not in the TSPDT top 1000 and it should be) A very British film Described accurately as a “ripping good yarn”. Solid adventure film Notable for the early

Black Panther – 2018 Coogler

A very strong start to 2018, the continuation of Coogler’s ascension as one of cinema’s future greats, and the best film in the MCU to date The supporting cast is extremely strong for any film-

The Draughtman’s Contract – 1982 Greenaway

Greenaway is an artist first and foremost- made a bunch of shorts and that really weird the falls (1980) 3 hour fake documentary which is not in my archives so this is his first real

The Light Between Oceans – 2016 Cianfrance

It’s a strong melodrama- which is a genre- not a criticism (news to some critics) The plotting has issues and the name of the damn movie is tough to get past—but it’s beautifully photographed and

The Fugitive – 1993 A. Davis

Andrew Davis really wouldn’t be heard from again (the package, under siege) but this 1993 film is a major feather in the cap for Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford and the entire action/thriller genre. It’s

Titanic – 1953 Negulesco

It’s on the fringe but after one viewing I’m putting it in the archives. Negulesco doesn’t do anything amazing (probably best known for the mask of dimitrios) but it has a solid script from Charles

The Tale of Princess Kagulaya – 2013 Takahata

Gorgeous and distinctive in it being hand-drawn and almost sketched and airy not only compared to most Hollywood animation but films like only yesterday and others from studio Ghibli Takahata 78 years old at time

Only Yesterday – 1991 Takahata

One of the early high water-marks of Studio Ghibli—Takahata is a co-founder along with Miyazaki. Gorgeous opening tracking shot of skyscraper—Takahata again and again tries to simulate camera with animation Rural Eden- almost a pantheism

The Ox-Box Incident – 1943 Wellman

Criticized by many as essentially a stage-bound play but with horses but it has as strong screenplay and excellent performances from Henry Fonda and Dana Andrews One of Fonda’s favorite of his movies Anti-lynching social

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