Rashomon – 1950 Kurosawa


Kurosawa’s Rashomon is a masterpiece on at least two levels: the use of deep focus photography combined with character blocking compositions (which rivals Citizen Kane- which is funny because Kane is also the film the

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The Vast of Night – 2019 Patterson


The debut form from Andrew Patterson- starts strongly- opening in a very strong interior frame of a living room and retro television this stunner of a symmetrical frame opening and the ensuing tracking shot into

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Fixed Bayonets! – 1951 Fuller


Fixed Bayonets! is Fuller’s fourth film, and a cousin and companion piece to his third (Steel Helmets)- both about the Korean war, shot in 1951, visceral—a trademark of Fuller’s, starring Gene Evans, description of equipment

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The Steel Helmet – 1951 Fuller


Fuller’s third film and best to date in 1951Often cited as the first Korean war movie, true to Fuller’s standard operation- shot in 10 days Starts with a trademark Sam Fuller close-up (often uncomfortably close

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Scandal – 1950 Kurosawa


A step back after Stray Dog, Kurosawa’s previous film. And of course this is the film directly before Rashomon. Montage heavy first 15 minutes- low ASL (average shot length)A very nice tracking shot at 65

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The Man Without a Past – 2002 Kaurismäki


Kaurismäki is an auteur who has amassed a strong body of work—and only as a collection can the work be properly appreciated -- but The Man Without a Past is one of his best works

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Uncut Gems – 2019 Safdie


A roller-coaster, a time bomb, a heart-attack—you pick the analogy--- the Safdie brothers have confirmed their arrival as major auteurs, in a big way, with Uncut Gems. Their specific brand of narrative propulsion is their

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Stray Dog – 1949 Kurosawa


Kurosawa takes De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves concept the year before, a stolen object (in this case a colt pistol) as the driving force for the narrative. At some point this film evolves into a compelling

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Raising Cain – 1992 De Palma


A flawed work from Brian De Palma but it’s De Palma—meaning there are some exceptional cinematic moments paired (often right alongside) some cringe-worthy storytelling/writing and pulpy pop psychologyThe psychological thriller, De Palma always the Hitchcock

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The Baron of Arizona – 1950 Fuller


A fascinating true story of forgery and deception- fits with Fuller’s obsession with exposing the sordid underbelly or ugly truthShot by James Wong Howe (Hud, Seconds – both would come later of course but Body

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I Shot Jesse James – 1949 Fuller


Sam Fuller’s debut, and in typical Fuller fashion it was shot on almost no-budget in 10 days. Much of the acting in Fuller’s filmography is suspect— but John Ireland here is one of the exceptions—he’s

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Mustang – 2015 Ergüven


A stellar debut from Turkish director (and shot in Turkey) Deniz Gamze Ergüven— certainly the plot is similar to Sofia Coppola’s debut in 1999- The Virgin Suicides A strong debut from Turkish director (and shot

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