American Sniper – 2014 Eastwood

Another worthy entry i(n a long line of them) on violence from auteur Clint Eastwood—this would be the start of his hero trilogy followed by Sully and then The 15:17 to Paris (which I haven’t

Early Spring – 1956 Ozu

It’s a top 10 film (towards the bottom) of 1956 but with three years off after 1953’s masterpiece, Tokyo Story, it’s a bit of a disappointment for an auteur so clearly in his prime. Starts

Thelma & Louise – 1991 Ridley Scott

It’s one of Scott’s better non Alien/Blade Runner efforts—superbly acted, great Hans Zimmer Score, landscape photography in Utah I think it owes a lot to Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. It’s a buddy movie

Dave – 1993 Ivan Reitman

It’s a fringe recommendation- light and airy but well-acted and written. I don’t think anyone will confuse Reitman with Capra or Kevin Kline with Jimmy Stewart but it’s a solid reworking of Smith Goes to

Cobra Verde – 1987 Herzog

Fifth and final collaboration between Herzog and Kinski My first time catching it and I’m a little pissed it took me this long- it’s a fascinating film and although it’s not in the realm of

Never Say Never Again – 1983 Kershner

It’s the 7th and final time Connery played James Bond- probably the 5th or 6th best—it’s twelve years since his last (1971 Diamonds are Forever- the worst one) and he’s 53 years old here The

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – 1969 Roy Hill

It’s a collaborative masterpiece. Roy Hill is a solid director (the Sting) but here he’s aided by an oscar- winning (and sharp as hell) screenplay by William Goldman, Oscar-winning photography by Conrad Hall (one of

Tokyo Story – 1953 Ozu

This Ozu study has helped but i think mainly I’m just a better critic than i was in the past (if i do say so myself). I do think the critical community is partly to

Foxtrot – 2017 Maoz

Even if it’s not a glowing success (not in my top 10 of 2017 after one watch) I appreciation Maoz’s formal approach—everything is very carefully set up- every sight gag and joke is told with

Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice – 1952 Ozu

It’s minor Ozu, but only in the context of the great run he was on at the time- I had a hard time finding the most beautiful screenshots here (this isn’t as well-known as his

Hang’ Em High – 1968 Post

It is an admirable and enjoyable rip-off of Leone’s Dollar trilogy. We have Clint in the lead of course (this was his first American film after the trilogy and they even asked Leone to direct

Lean on Pete – 2017 Haigh

I’m not as big an admirer of Andrew Haigh (45 Years, Weekend) as most critics- find him, at least once time a piece through his films, to be largely artistically unambitious visually Buscemi is solid

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