The Last Black Man in San Francisco – 2019 Talbot

A strong debut from Joe Talbot – It’s not Kogonads’s Columbus or Steve McQueen’s Hunger- this one runs out of steam (those first 5 minutes here are so impressive) but still- excited to see what

Deliverance – 1972 Boorman

Part B-movie horror/thriller nightmare, part meditation on masculinity—part end of the 1960’s and an end of innocence. The dueling banjos and squealing like a pig scenes-  well-crafted and justifiably iconic cinematic passages Vilmos Zsigmond as

Raiders of the Lost Ark – 1981 Spielberg

It works almost alone without dialogue just focusing on the spectacular set pieces, the editing (Oscar win), John Williams score, and the set design (Oscar win)—silent cinema Irresistibly entertaining Love the opening graphic match with

Submarine – 2010 Ayoade

Ayoade’s debut is splendid—so much cinematic energy packed into 97 minutesThe two lead characters- Oliver (Craig Roberts) and Jordana (Yasmin Paige) are represented by colors—red and blue respectively and it’s fascinating to watch this laid

Central Station – 1998 Salles

A well-earned poignant tale—neorealism blended with a road-trip journey movie through 1990’s BrazilRich landscapes—sand and floral colors – large murals and small items like a lime green fan blade Starts with a sad montage of

Too Old to Die Young – 2019 Refn

The 13 hour work from Refn has it’s throwaway stretches and astonishingly beautiful stretches—it’s too striking to ignore, and too flawed to be anything but a simple recommendIt’s Refn’s 8th archiveable film—the first 4 are

Death Proof – 2007 Tarantino

Tarantino’s weakest effort to date but still in the archivesHe serves as his own DP and it is the least accomplished film  of his visually- not sure what, if anything, that meansI like the attempt

Margaret – 2011 Lonergan

Another feat for Lonergan—magnificent characterizations, supreme acting, accomplished writing—literate and metropolitan Supposed to come out in 2007 but lawsuits and studio/auteur battles over the length of the filmNo character in the film with the title

Red Eye – 2005 Craven

An incredibly tight thriller—85 minutes—and until the finale it feels like we’re pretty close to real time so it adds to the intimacyRobert Yeoman as the director of photography—Wes Anderson’s guy—proof here more that Wes

The Wild Bunch – 1969 Peckinpah

Doggedly nihilistic, immaculately photographed (Lucien Ballard as DP) and perfectly performed by the talented ensemble of actors The transcendent trait though, and what makes it a top 100 all-time film, is the editing—yes- the freeze

Kill Bill – 2003 and 2004 Tarantino

First off, it is one movie- and Ebert would agree with me: “It's not a sequel but a continuation and completion, filmed at the same time; now that we know the whole story” I’m also

The Savages – 2007 Tamara Jenkins

A sharply written black comedy—with moments of levity in some incredibly dour circumstances (dealing with a father with dementia) Nominations for Laura Linney’s performance and Tamara Jenkins screenplay—if you add Philip Seymour Hoffman’s performance those

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