Blow-Up – 1966 Antonioni

Another brilliant work from Antonioni during this streak from L’Avventura to Blow-Up where he made five films in seven years that are either masterpieces or right on the fringeIt’s a break for Antonioni in many

The Trial – 1962 Welles

One of the major revelations- and best films- I’ve seen in 2018. I have seen it before, twice I think, but always on really inferior copies (this is not much better), over a decade ago,

Unlawful Entry – 1992 Kaplan

There are artistic ambitions right from the get-go her with a helicopter shot going from a crime scene across town over to the house of Madeleine Stowe and Kurt Russell like Hitchcock would often as a

best debuts of the 21st century

My current (Nov 2018) Steve McQueen study made me wonder if his Hunger is the strongest debut of the 21st century. There were many great debuts in 1999 (Being John Malkovich, Virgin Suicides, American Beauty) and many of

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