Horse Money – 2014 Costa


Horse Money is easily Pedro Costa’s greatest triumph to date in 2014 In many ways it is similar to his previous work—his Fontainhas trilogy (which has now been expanded beyond a trilogy because all of

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best film: You couldn’t go wrong choosing either Last Year at Marienbad from Resnais or Ozu’s The End of Summer. A convincing case could be made for Resnais’ Last Year at Marienbad to be called


The Big Country – 1958 Wyler


The Big Country is a fitting name for Wyler’s audacious, expensive, open-air western. It is closer to Stevens’ Giant (1956) in terms of expanse (beyond actually)- especially in comparison with Boetticher’s work or Anthony Mann

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The Incident – 1967 Peerce


The Incident almost plays out like a sociological study (or an exercise in sadism) more than a story. Two thugs, Martin Sheen (in his debut—that haunting laugh) and Tony Musante basically take a subway car

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1917 – 2019 Mendes


1917 is a major work from Sam Mendes- a director whose resume now seems even more fully rounded out The camerawork by Mendes and Roger Deakins is front and center in the praise (and oddly enough

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best film:  La Dolce Vita from Fellini. La Dolce Vita is Fellini’s sprawling tour of the seven deadly sins (and sacraments and creation days) through Marcello Mastroianni and modern Rome. And in Rome—Fellini crafts some


In Vanda’s Room – 2000 Costa


There’s an interesting case to be made that In Vanda’s Room is a documentary. Much of Kiarostami’s work, including Close-Up, is similar. There’s actually a forward-moving narrative in Close-Up (though that isn’t the reason a

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The Belly of an Architect – 1987 Greenaway


Between 1985 and 1989 there may have been no greater auteur in world cinema than Peter Greenaway. Certainly Kieslowski made Dekalog during this time, you have Cronenberg (The Fly, Dead Ringers), Gilliam (Brazil, The Adventures

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12 Angry Men – 1957 Lumet


The great achievement of Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men is that despite being based on a play, set in a total of three locations (with 98% of it coming in one room), and peppered with

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Swallow – 2019 Mirabella-Davis


Carlo Mirabella-Davis’s Swallow is one of the most promising debuts in recent years (this side of Columbus or Hereditary maybe). Haley Bennett plays Hunter— a housewife (and soon to be mother) dealing with (or rather

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best film:  Francois Truffaut’s The 400 Blows is the dawning of a new era --The French New Wave-- and it marks the arrival of a wunderkind (his debut, Truffaut was 27) in cinema. The shockwaves


The Silent Partner – 1978 D. Duke


Decades before L.A. Confidential Curtis Hanson wrote this very clever screenplay It is a game of cat and mouse between the crafty, yet peculiar Elliot Gould character, and the menacing Christopher Plummer character. Gould’s character

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