Jarhead – 2005 Mendes

Coming off of American Beauty (one of cinema’s great debut films) in 1999 and Road to Perdition in 2002 the anticipation for Jarhead was through the roof (and that amazing trailer with Kayne doesn’t hurt)

Augustine – 2012 Winocour

Essentially a character study (and semi-bizarre romance love story) between Vincent Lindon’s Professor Charcot and Soko’s Augustine with 3-4 really strong frames both Vincent Lindon and Soko are excellent in their performances here as doctor,

The 148th Best Director of All-Time: Jane Campion

Campion. Jane Campion doesn’t make uninteresting films. The New Zealand auteur has made a total of seven films as of 2020 and five have landed solidly in the archives. The Piano is the main reason

The 147th Best Director of All-Time: Eric Rohmer

Rohmer. Rohmer is a significant figure in the French New Wave, Rohmer really picked up when frankly the best of Godard had come and gone in 1967. Rohmer’s camera style is straightforward, but the placement

The White Ribbon – 2009 Haneke

A magnum opus from Haneke and easily his most visually spectacular film On top of the picturesque beauty, The White Ribbon is formally accomplished as well, and that is what he is most well-known for

The 146th Best Director of All-Time: George Miller

George Miller. I view Miller completely different now since Fury Road and I’m racking my brain for another example of an auteur with a career peak this late (70 at the time of his best

The 145th Best Director of All-Time: Joseph Mankiewicz

Mankiewicz.  Mankiewicz was no visual master but he has four films that land in the top 100 of their respective decade and there’s a consistency in the writing and structure of his films that cannot

Senso – 1954 Visconti

A magnificent painterly work from Visconti—his first film in color and his fourth feature overall. Unlike Ossessione and La Terra Trema this is a 180-turn away from neorealism in a lot of ways (professional actors,

The 144th Best Director of All-Time: Lynne Ramsay

Ramsay.  Ramsay works so infrequently but she’s four for four here with films that landed in the top 100 of their respective decade. That’s extremely rare. She’s made four films in 20+ years (releasing in

The 143rd Best Director of All-Time: Todd Haynes

Haynes. Haynes has a very worthy entry in the top 100 of the decade in the 1990’s, 2000’s and 2010’s. He’s a master of production design (often oppressive beauty/suburbia) whose work is part of the

White Lightning – 1973 Sargent

After Boogie Nights and Deliverance it is Burt Reynolds’ best work—he’s superb here both as action star and actor When Reynolds finds out about his dead brother – brooding—that’s just good acting The trademark laugh

State of Play – 2009 Macdonald

It isn’t All the President’s Men-- but there are worse ways to spend 2 hours than to watch a really talented cast and intelligent script try to at it even if director Kevin Macdonald (The

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