best film:  The Third Man from Carol Reed has so many superior elements to praise: the Ferris wheel set piece, post-war Vienna as the film’s backdrop, it is written by freaking Graham Greene, you have


Tenet – 2020 Nolan


Nolan’s Tenet starts in medias res like a Bond film with the vast crowd in the opera house (Nolan has declared his love for the 1977 Roger Moore Bond The Spy Who Loved Me)

Tenet – 2020 Nolan2020-12-20T02:06:57+00:00

Oedipus Rex – 1967 Pasolini


Provocateur Pier Paolo Pasolini officially moved away from the neorealist-leanings in his early work for his fifth feature (and first in color)- Oedipus Rex The is the first in the “mythical cycle” series (Teorema, Porcile,

Oedipus Rex – 1967 Pasolini2020-12-19T21:50:25+00:00

Ran – 1985 Kurosawa


The pictorial beauty of Kurosawa's landscape long shots are masterpiece worthy—Kurosawa makes great use of every extra, color flourish in the frame, and set piece --whether it’s the mountains in the final climax battle, the

Ran – 1985 Kurosawa2020-12-18T03:51:09+00:00

Sound of Metal – 2019 Marder


Sound of Meal is the debut film from Darius Marder—it touts an exquisite use of sound design and lead performance from Riz Ahmed. Marder’s sound design- coupled with some nice camera location choices (often right

Sound of Metal – 2019 Marder2020-12-17T12:06:08+00:00

Little Women – 2019 Gerwig


There are three previous archiveable versions of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women-- but Gerwig’s version is utterly distinct and cinematically spectacular—the only one remotely close in quality (and they’re all in the archives) is Cukor’

Little Women – 2019 Gerwig2020-12-17T03:54:51+00:00



best film:  Bicycle Thieves from De Sica. 1948 is the single greatest year for Italian Neorealism and De Sica’s masterpiece is the crown jewel- one of the best films of all-time. It is simple yet




best film:  Black Narcissus from Powell & Pressburger is the best film of 1947. It may ultimately be the best film The Archers ever made. Perhaps no one director (even in tandem) dominated the 1940’s


Knives Out – 2019 Rian Johnson


Precise, captivating and confident- Rian Johnson is in full control here It is the auteur's fifth feature film- the narrative twist like Looper with the biting dialogue of his debut Brick  even when you've solved

Knives Out – 2019 Rian Johnson2020-12-12T03:39:07+00:00

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – 2009 Gilliam


If it wasn’t already clear with his twin disappointments 2005 (no matter what redeeming qualities Tideland has it is hard to say it isn’t a disappointment)—The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus confirms that the Gilliam from

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – 2009 Gilliam2020-12-18T11:59:43+00:00

Never Rarely Sometimes Always – 2020 Hittman


Eliza Hittman (writer/director) crafts the harrowing of a pregnant teenager Autumn (played by Sidney Flanigan in her debut) Shot in 16mm—realism, the story takes place over a few days where the characters get very little

Never Rarely Sometimes Always – 2020 Hittman2020-12-09T22:26:29+00:00

Mamma Roma – 1962 Pasolini


Mamma Roma is Pasolini’s sophomore effort- and a brilliant companion piece to his 1961 debut Accattone Like Accattone it is an acidically-laced religious (catholic in this case) parable rooted in the foundation of Italian neorealism

Mamma Roma – 1962 Pasolini2020-12-08T22:54:03+00:00
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