The 22nd Best Actor of All-Time: Robert Mitchum

best film:  Out of the Past. Most would say Night of the Hunter but I still find some weaknesses in Charles Laughton’s only film as director that I can’t find in Out of the Past.

Sunset Song – 2015 Davies

Davies is timeless- this movie could’ve come out in 1935, 1955 or 1985. Shot in Kodak 65--- interiors shot digitally—apparently Davies had been wanting to make it for 18 years— The narrative surrounds one woman’s

A Night at the Opera – 1935 Sam Wood

I’ve watched each of their films several times now and A Night at the Opera is their second best effort- behind only 1933’s Duck Soup- this is the film directly following so clearly they were

The 23rd Best Actor of All-Time: Brad Pitt

best film:  The Tree of Life. I’ve seen it twice. I was mesmerized but perplexed the first time and then blown away the second time. It has some of the greatest imagery in the art

The 24th Best Actor of All-Time: Philip Seymour Hoffman

best film:  Magnolia. While recent viewings of Punch-Drunk Love and The Master have complicated things I’m not yet ready to yield the mantle of best PT Anderson film to either of them (the closest contender

The 25th Best Actor of All-Time: Burt Lancaster

best film:  The Leopard  and The Sweet Smell of Success are 1-2 in both of the big categories. I ended up, untentionally splitting them. Lancaster is very close to equal in both, but Mackendrick’s wonderfully

The 26th Best Actor of All-Time: Jean-Paul Belmondo

best film:  Breathless is the 16th best film of all-time and Pierrot le Fou is currently at #55 on my list. They’re the two highest rated Godard films and certainly more than worthy to be

The 27th Best Actor of All-Time: Buster Keaton

best film:  The General is still the best Keaton film even if Sherlock Jr. may have the best singular Keaton moment with the changing landscape background sequence. The General is Keaton standing way back—and making

The 28th Best Actor of All-Time: Montgomery Clift

best film:  Red River is an all-time great western and all-time great Howard Hawks film so that’s enough in it of itself. However, I also think it’s an all-time great and landmark film as far

An Autumn Afternoon – 1962 Ozu

It’s Ozu’s final film and another near remake of his beloved Late Spring—this time we’re back with Ryu as the father but instead of outside pressure in the form of matchmakers—we have the old school

Hereditary – 2018 Aster

Aster has clearly studied masterpiece horror works from the past. Collette’s character seems inspired by (and it’s an equally great performance) Ellen Burstyn’s turn in The Exorcist, the entire occult read and crowning in the

The Sixth Sense – 1999 Shyamalan

It’s neither as bad as the metacritic score (64) nor is it as good as the box office suggests (one of the bigger hits of the 90’s (2nd behind only phantom menace in 1999)) Shyamalan

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