The 25th Best Actress of All-Time: Elizabeth Taylor

best film: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? Is a weakness as it’s not one I ever think about for my top 100 films of all-time and we’re now into the top 25 actresses on this

You Were Never Really Here – 2017 Ramsay

Ramsay, in her last three efforts (I’ve seen Ratcatcher and plan to again soon but it’s been forever) here now has a dedication to an aesthetic I truly appreciate. In this, Morvern Callar, We Need

Erin Brockovich – 2000 Soderbergh

A very strong film for the class action-lawsuit legal/drama subgenre Much more of a triumph for Julia Roberts (her Oscar--- in a year with Ellen Burstyn in Requiem for a Dream among others) than for

Pan’s Labyrinth – 2006 del Toro

It is eerily similar to The Shape of Water- the mark of an auteur- tragically sad, a meditation on escapism The performances are great—Maribel Verdu from Y Tu Mama Tambien- Sergi Lopez as Vidal “You

The 26th Best Actress of All-Time: Jane Fonda

best film: Klute. I adore Klute but this is Fonda’s weakness for sure. She was in a half dozen great films and she’s excellent in 10 of them (Klute being the best in both category

The 27th Best Actress of All-Time: Maria Falconetti

best film: The Passion of Joan of Arc is one of the seminal films of the cinema art form. Dreyer’s silent masterpiece, for many, is the zenith of editing, sparse mise-en-scene, and yes—screen acting. It’s

The 28th Best Actress of All-Time: Gena Rowlands

best film: A Woman Under the Influence is Cassavetes best work and Rowlands clear #1 best film here. Faces comes in second and was the beginning of Cassavetes one-man (for a time) American Independent art

Victim – 1961 Dearden

An intelligent and engaging take on both social issues and the crime genre This could change as I get my hands on some of his 50’s films (particularly those with Losey) but for now this

Late Spring – 1949 Ozu

Currently (2018) ranked #73 on TSPDT. I’m not there but this is my second viewing (first in 10 years) and a revelation—it’s the first film of Ozu’s I think you could argue is a masterpiece

The 29th Best Actress of All-Time: Anna Magnani

best film: Rome, Open City. Realism has always been around since the beginning of narrative cinema- some thirty years or so prior to Rossellini’s masterpiece- but the WWII Italian Neo-Realism is/was a real art movement

The 30th Best Actress of All-Time: Emily Watson

best film: Breaking the Waves is certainly one of the best films in cinema history. I had it inside my top 20 the last time I updated my list—so it’s the choice here. That said,

The 31st Best Actress of All-Time: Shirley MacLaine

best film: The Apartment is a weak #1 for the 31st best actress of all-time but it’s still an absolutely marvelous film and among Wilder’s finest (I have it fourth). I have Some Came Running

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