Ossos – 1997 Costa


Ossos is Pedro Costa’s third film, and first in the Fontainhas trilogy – the name of a destitute section of Lisbon Costa largely uses a stationary camera (he has one very long tracking shot of

Ossos – 1997 Costa2021-01-20T13:22:25+00:00

Blow the Man Down – 2019 Savage Cole, Krudy


Hats off to first time directors Bridget Savage Cole and Danielle Krudy for the narrative and formal achievement in 2019’s crime comedy thriller Blow the Man Down It is clear Savage Cole and Krudy studied

Blow the Man Down – 2019 Savage Cole, Krudy2021-01-17T13:54:09+00:00



best film:  The Seventh Seal from Ingmar Bergman Bergman’s first masterpiece—and a landmark film in 1950’s cinema A gray film- severe in tint and mood—Bergman sets the tone with the choir reigning down during the


Bacurau – 2019 Dornelles, Filho


You could spend quiet a lot of time just talking about the various genres used when trying to describe Bacurau – it is a mashup, probably more going on here in that respect that even

Bacurau – 2019 Dornelles, Filho2021-01-13T14:32:49+00:00

Dark of the Sun – 1968 Cardiff


Jack Cardiff (DP on films like A Matter of Life and Death, Black Narcissus, and The African Queen) directs this action/adventure film – also known as “The Mercenaries” (same year actually as Corbucci’s film of

Dark of the Sun – 1968 Cardiff2021-01-20T16:14:24+00:00

Relic – 2020 James


A noteworthy slow-burn arthouse horror from director Natalie Erika James – her debut film Bound to frustrate traditional genre enthusiasts with her pacing—James is far more concerned with telling a nuanced story of dementia as

Relic – 2020 James2021-01-12T16:29:04+00:00

The Go-Between – 1971 Losey


A coming-of-age story and a period costume drama that could have easily been from the later cycle of films from Merchant Ivory. Dominici Guard plays “Leo”- the boy, and literally the go-between passing notes from

The Go-Between – 1971 Losey2021-01-11T19:16:29+00:00



best film:  The Searchers from John Ford John Ford’s The Searchers is many things: a meditation on wilderness and civilization is chief amongst them An update of Melville—John Wayne is Ahab here, obsession—monomaniacal The best film of


Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – 2020 Wolfe


George Wolfe brings August Wilson’s play to life thanks to stellar lead performances from Viola Davis and the late, great Chadwick Boseman This is the final film from Boseman who tragically passed away way too

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – 2020 Wolfe2021-01-15T22:01:03+00:00

The Apartment – 1960 Wilder


Wilder’s 1960 tragicomedy features a tremendous set design (the endless rows and rows of desk in the insurance office) and career-best work from Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine Wilder was coming off Some Like it

The Apartment – 1960 Wilder2021-01-09T14:05:01+00:00



best film:  Lola Montes from Ophuls.  Lola Montes is a pure stylistic explosion and it is far ahead of the rest of the films from 1955. Andrew Sarris called it the greatest film ever made. Sadly,

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