The 107th Best Director of All-Time: Milos Forman

Forman.  I’m no slave to the Academy Awards by any stretch- but it’s a little crazy that an important figure in 1960’s international cinema (Czech) and a permissible two-time winner of the Academy Award for

The 106th Best Director of All-Time: G.W. Pabst

Pabst. Pabst is here because of the distinct visual stamp he put on his work. The filmography is strong but with only six films in the archives and only one top 500 film—it’s the distinct

Bringing Out the Dead – 1999 Scorsese

Even if it’s the 15th best film of the year (approximation-- absolutely no insult in a year this strong)—it feels like a bit of a changing of the guard after such a strong 1990’s for

Dark Command – 1940 Walsh

Raoul Walsh provides the pace and crisp editing (94 minutes with some nice montages) and Walter Pidgeon and John Wayne make for worthy tall-statured foes (Pidgeon has a big booming deep voice like Gregory Peck

Joker – 2019 Phillips

A very notable artistic accomplishment by both Todd Phillips and Joaquin PhoenixPhoenix’s work is easier to tackle but I still feel like you could easily write 2000 words on it alone. The physical transformation (he

Casino – 1995 Scorsese

Casino is often viewed through the lens of Goodfellas. My reaction is normally to reject this—no, this isn’t one of the best 20-25 films of all-time—but it’s better than almost anything else and should be

Under the Shadow – 2016 Anvari

Like the title itself, the film has a multi-faceted meaning—it works as a straight horror film, and then there’s both a political comment (we’re in the middle of War here between Iran and Iraq- this

Life on a String – 1991 Kaige Chen

A short-story fable (the power of music, blindness as metaphor) that successfully incorporates great visuals on nearly every nature element (at least from what I remember from the cartoon “Captain Planet”): fire, water (waterfall), wind

The 105th Best Director of All-Time: Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Iñárritu.  Again for the purposes of this list (written in 2019) I’m honoring the 10-year moratorium so I’m not really factoring in films that came out from 2009-present. Iñárritu has had an incredible 2010’s decade

Limitless – 2011 Burger

It is not auteur cinema nor is it high art- but Limitless is a worthy thriller – incredibly engaging narrative pacing (albeit a sophomoric premise--- “we only use 10% of our brain”) and worthy lead

Under the Silver Lake – 2018 Robert Mitchell

Ultimately it’s a slight disappointment after the promise of David Robert Mitchell’s talent in 2014’s It Follows (this isn’t as good) but I thought enough of it to archive it, scratch my head at how

The 104th Best Director of All-Time: Raoul Walsh

Walsh.  I’m worlds apart from the critics’ consensus on Raoul Walsh who brought us some of the best Bogart and Cagney movies. He’s a style-minus auteur but the filmography is strong (he has 6 films

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