Zero for Conduct – 1933 Vigo

Zero for Conduct has an interesting use of Eisenstein’s character collective and one of the most important uses of early film style with the slow-motion photography pillow fight scene Jean Vigo’s filmography is brief—he died

Phantasm – 1979 Coscarelli

Defining a cult classic is a pretty futile undertaking—like some films with deciding which genre they land in- but one that comes up on many lists is Coscarelli’s Phantasm (he apparently made it with a

Southern Comfort – 1981 Walter Hill

There is much to praise here in Walter Hill’s 1981 thriller and between this and 1978’s The Driver I probably need to take a deeper dive into Hill’s filmographyShot on location in the swamps of

Broken Arrow – 1996 Woo

It isn’t Woo’s greatest, far from it, but it is certainly is a very John Woo John Woo film and that’s a good thingThe rare raving 4-stars from TraversStrong use of on-location shooting in Montana,

Navajo Joe – 1966 Corbucci

So I’ve still some work yet to do in my Corbucci study (caught some of his work in the late 1970’s and 1980’s and it is mostly very regrettable) but during this stretch in the

Apocalypto – 2006 Gibson

Mel Gibson’s fourth film as a director and second archiveable film after 1995’s Oscar-Winning Braveheart Gibson is an auteur—reminiscent of Peckinpah in some ways, Walter Hill, maybe Herzog a little-- John Milius especially—violence, masculinity, revenge—all

The 177th Best Director of All-Time: Peter Weir

Weir. Peter Weir was certainly one of the greatest filmmakers in the world from 1975-2003 (with this best two films bookending that run). The Australian auteur made 10 archiveable films – an incredible feat and

The 176th Best Director of All-Time: Roy Andersson

Andersson. Roy Andersson is one of the most important and accomplished filmmakers of the 21st century- certainly the best Swedish filmmaker not named Ingmar Bergman. Up there behind perhaps only Ozu when it comes to

Baby It’s You – 1983 Sayles

It is an outlier of a film in John Sayles’ filmography. The bulk of his work consists of Altmanesque (Sayles is certainly an acolyte) ensemble films, often political set in a certain place at a

Bad Education – 2019 Finley

You can tell Bad Education is a very good film because as we near the conclusion there is a great interest in the story arcs and resolution for at least three characters: Hugh Jackman’s Frank

Bugsy Malone – 1976 Parker

Alan Parker’s debut and it is a crazy concept- a gangster film with one big twist—all actors under 16, most of them younger- Jodie Foster here at 13 and already a seasoned pro Tongue-in-cheek for

The Mercenary – 1968 Corbucci

Clearly meant to challenge (or capitalize) on Leone’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from 1966. Corbucci’s film isn’t as strong (few films are) but it features a great Morricone score (parts seem just

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