best film:  Park Chan-wook’s Decision to Leave stands tall – a cut or two above the rest – as far as the best in cinema goes for 2022. There is not much separating the second best film of the year and the tenth best film of the year but there was no hesitation here for this top slot. Park Chan-wook is a meticulous artist – and so is his protagonist here - Jang Hae-joon (played ably by Park Hae-il). Jang Hae-joon is a detective caught in a cat and mouse romance mystery (Park Chan-wook actually provides two mysteries


The Top 100 Performances by a Female Actor

  Maria (Renee) Falconetti – The Passion of the Joan of Arc Juliette Binoche – Three Colours: Blue Emily Watson – Breaking the Waves Gena Rowlands - A Woman Under the Influence Maggie Cheung – In the Mood for Love Natalie Portman – Black Swan Giulietta Masina – La Strada Ingrid Bergman – Casablanca Naomi Watts – Mulholland Drive Isabelle Huppert – The Piano Teacher Anna Karina - Vivre Sa Vie Anna Magnani – Rome, Open City Frances McDormand – Fargo Barbara Stanwyck - Double Indemnity Ellen Burstyn – Requiem for a Dream Charlize Theron – Mad Max: Fury

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The Top 100 Female Actors of All-Time

  1. Ingrid Bergman 2. Liv Ullmann 3. Juliette Binoche 4. Barbara Stanwyck 5. Lillian Gish 6. Jeanne Moreau 7. Catherine Deneuve 8. Anna Karina 9. Giulietta Masina 10. Katharine Hepburn 11. Julianne Moore 12. Marlene Dietrich 13. Faye Dunaway 14. Diane Keaton 15. Monica Vitti 16. Frances McDormand 17. Meryl Streep 18. Ellen Burstyn 19. Deborah Kerr 20. Judy Garland 21. Mia Farrow 22. Ingrid Thulin 23. Maggie Cheung 24. Julie Christie 25. Sissy Spacek 26. Bette Davis 27. Tilda Swinton 28. Anna Magnani 29. Maria Falconetti 30. Nicole Kidman 31. Gong Li 32. Emily Watson 33. Naomi

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The 100th Best Actress of All-Time: Anna Paquin

  best film:   Anna Paquin has one film from the 1990s (The Piano), one from the 2000s (25th Hour), and one from the 2010s (The Irishman) to vie for the top slot in this category. Paquin is a larger part of Jane Campion’s film (The Piano) than the other two, but it is Spike’s 25th Hour that edges out the other films as the best film of her career thus far.   Anna Paquin as Mary D'Annunzio in Spike Lee's 25th Hour. Paquin is part of a ridiculously accomplished acting ensemble that includes Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman,

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The 99th Best Actress of All-Time: Kim Novak

  best film:   Vertigo. From Saul Bass’ gorgeous opening credits with Bernard Herrmann’s score (it has to be his finest, right?)  it is clear this film is different - even for the great Alfred Hitchcock. Vertigo is his most ambitious film, the height of his perfectionism - and the greatest crystallization of his exposed psychosis on screen. Kim Novak plays the pivotal Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton role opposite Jimmy Stewart’s John “Scottie” Ferguson. This is a category of undeniable strength for Novak as she is excellent in one of the best ten films of all-time.   she may not

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The 98th Best Actress of All-Time: Hilary Swank

  best film:   Million Dollar Baby is a worthy film to have as any actor’s best film. Clint Eastwood certainly had an impressive creative stretch run from 2003 to 2006 with his trademark desaturated blue, green and gray hues.  She is the lead actor and excellent in a masterpiece (even if it is a weaker one) - so this is a category of strength for Swank at this point on the list. Boys Don’t Cry (1999) most definitely takes the subsequent spot here.   Swank as Maggie Fitzgerald - a great addition to the lineage of exceptional performances

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The 97th Best Actress of All-Time: Helena Bonham Carter

  best film:   If one were to combine the two big Merchant Ivory films (A Room with a View, Howards End) there would be a decent case to take down David Fincher’s Fight Club for the top slot. But as it is, clearly Fincher’s 1999 masterpiece that takes the cake. An honorable mention goes to Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech which somehow seems to be underrated – probably partly because it took the best picture Oscar crown in 2010 when a few other films (including another one of Fincher's - The Social Network in this case) were more deserving.

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The 96th Best Actress of All-Time: Anne Dorval

  best film:  Mommy. Anne Dorval is in Xavier Dolan’s three best films. In just a few years span, Dolan made I Killer My Mother (2009), Laurence Anyways (2012), and Mommy (2014) and all warrant consideration for this top slot. He made others during this stretch, he was extremely prolific – but these are the three he will be remembered for. Dorval plays the widowed single mother in Mommy – a sort of drama epic (running just under 140 minutes) – and that edges out the other two very strong options for the top slot.   it is

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The 95th Best Actress of All-Time: Anne Bancroft

  best film:  The Graduate runs away from the other seven (7) archiveable films as the best overall film in the career of Anne Bancroft. Bancroft is impeccable in Mike Nichols’ stylistic masterpiece. The film is marvelously draped in Simon & Garfunkel music, but it is impossible to picture this work of art without Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft in the lead roles.   Bancroft as the unforgettable Mrs. Robinson   best performance:   Dustin Hoffman is the true lead in The Graduate. Bancroft is in less of the film’s running time than you might remember (roughly 30

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The 94th Best Actress of All-Time: Thelma Ritter

  best film:  Thelma Ritter plays Stella in Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954) and that is the winner here without much deliberation. Any film on the level of Samuel Fuller’s Pickup on South Street and Joseph Mankiewicz’s All About Eve has to be at least mentioned as well. Ritter seems to almost be playing herself as Stella – or at least her trademark quick witted working class on screen persona.  She exchanges playful jabs with Jimmy Stewart’s L.B. Jefferies. Ritter and Stewart have a fabulous rapport.   Ritter was so easy in front of the camera. in 1954

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The 93rd Best Actress of All-Time: Audrey Tautou

  best film:  Audrey Tautou is nearly synonymous with Amélie and her character of the same name. This is, indeed, her best film. The film (a stylistically ambitious collaboration with the brilliant Jean-Pierre Jeunet) caused a stir in the cinema world just after the turn of the century (2001). Jeunet and Tautou would team up again just a few years later in 2004 for A Very Long Engagement and the two are both stunning films – and there is a healthy debate to be had for winner of this category.   Tautou as Amélie. Even if she had

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The 92nd Best Actress of All-Time: Susan Sarandon

  best film:  The answer here is Thelma & Louise with Dead Man Walking and Light Sleeper as the nearest candidates which makes this an undeniable weakness of a category for Susan Sarandon. She has been in many sort of contemporary iconic roles and performances (certainly Bull Durham is an enjoyable film that has lived on in pop culture – as has Thelma & Louise) but it is pretty easy to foresee a list of the top 1000 films of all-time without a single Susan Sarandon film.   It is one of Ridley Scott’s better non-Alien/Blade Runner efforts

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