“Coppola’s most shamefully underrated movie.”- san fransico examiner

“Whatever it took to do it, Coppola has extracted a very special film out of the checkered history of this project.”- ebert

“It was the most assured film Coppola had made in a decade, full of casual wit and visual invention.”- chicago reader

The cotton club (1984) from Coppola is pretty stunning. You combine this with rumble fish (which I absolutely adore) from 1983 and it completely ruins my “coppola died as an artist in the jungle making apocalypse” half-brain theory. This is a high quality film. I don’t want to oversell it but it’s stunning to look at, well-acted, and the ending has a Coppola signature great montage sequence of a dance number and murder that certainly has a ton in common with the endings of the godfather films and apocalypse now so its checks the auteur box on top of being just a gorgeous and entertaining film. I want to see it again but as of now I certainly have it as one of the 5-8 best films of 1984