• Certainly well known in circles as cult classic.
  • Cox is/was a huge fan of spaghetti westerns and there’s a lot of the western touch here. Many of the car chases feel very much like western horse chases, the rookie (estevez) getting schooled by dean stanton, the old pro- feels very much like countless wayne westerns doing the same thing (rio bravo for one).
  • Tracy Walter- who always plays weirdos, outdoes himself here
  • Estevez is good here as well- he’s the man alone who loses his job, best friend, and woman in the first 5 minutes
  • Another LA basin scene (grease, terminator 2, Chinatown, to live and die in la)
  • There is one absolutely beautiful foreground/background close-up shot of two men in separate cars—it must’ve been quite a feat getting that set up
  • The score feels like something that would be borrowed a decade or more later by Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez
  • Very episodic but I loved it
  • Most of the cult status basis and “weirdness” is content-based

Not one of the top