best film: Goodfellas and there aren’t twenty better movies of all-time so this is a great film for any actor to have as their best film. It features an abundance of Scorsese’s style, a captivating narrative, and an ensemble of brilliant performances, led by, Mr. Ray Liotta. Liotta gets the full treatment from Scorsese in this film. He’s featured breaking the fourth wall talking to the camera at the end, front and center in the famous Copacabana tracking shot, freeze-frames. Liotta’s next best film is probably Something Wild (though I love Field of Dreams and The Place Beyond the Pines) but it’s not close at all.

best performance:  Goodfellas and this performance has it all. Liotta isn’t on this list without the Henry Hill in Goodfellas performance that’s for sure. He undergoes serious change and gets addicted to drugs. He’s seen as the abuse aggressor in some scenes with Lorraine Bracco and the victim in other scenes (fearful of the sociopathic Joe Pesci). He’s charismatic and intelligent.

Stylistic innovations/traits: Liotta’s eyes are incredibly piercing. In Something Wild he’s almost bearing a hole right through you and in Field of Dreams he could do the performance without words. He’s intense—perfect for his role in Narc. It must be noted that his career from 1990 (Goodfellas) on hasn’t been what the promise of his talent from 1986-1990 showed it could be. 2012 was a nice aside with two solid films/performances but aside from that and Narc (just enough to remind us what we’ve been missing) in 2002 it’s been quiet. Sad.

directors worked with:  Nobody more than once but Scorsese of course and then Demme. Domink and Cianfrance are talented.

Top 5 Performances:

  1. Goodfellas
  2. Something Wild
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. Narc
  5. Killing Them Softly

Archiveable films

1986- Something Wild
1989- Field of Dreams
1990- Goodfellas
2002- Narc
2012- Killing Them Softly
2012- The Place Beyond the Pines