best film: Lawrence of Arabia. La Strada is the other masterpiece but I think there’s a sizable gap here between the two masterpieces with Lawrence on top. It’ll be the best film for a few actors on this list in fact. It’s David Lean’s greatest achievement and the greatest achievement of epic filmmaking (up there with Kane, and Raging Bull for the best biopic).

best performance:  La Strada and there’s no close contender here. Quinn’s Zampanò is a wonderful character. He’s overly masculine, a brutal bully pushing around Masina. However, he’s not a flat villain- he’s complex and though you never sway in your sympathies in the film, there are times when you connect with Quinn’s character and that’s a triumph for Quinn as an actor.

Stylistic innovations/traits: Quinn started out his career playing the villains and heels in westerns and B-movies and emerged in the 50’s and 60’s as the occasional lead and great supporting actor. He excels at playing passionate, aggressive characters- often operating on their most basic primal instincts and nature. He’s superb in two masterpieces, won two Oscars (Lust for life, Viva Zapata!)  while being nominated four times.

directors worked with:  Nobody more than once— Lean, Spike Lee, Minnelli, Fellini, Kazan and Raoul Walsh

Top 5 Performances:

  1. La Strada
  2. Zorba the Greek
  3. Lawrence of Arabia
  4. Lust For Life
  5. Viva Zapata

Archiveable films

1941- They Died With Their Boots On
1942- Larceny, Inc.
1942- The Black Swan
1942- The Road to Morocco
1943- The Ox-Box Incident
1945- Back To Bataan
1951- Brave Bulls
1952- Vita Zapata
1954- La Strada
1956- Lust For Life
1959- Last Train From Gun Hill
1959- Warlock
1961- Guns of the Navarone
1962- Lawrence of Arabia
1962- Requiem For a Heavyweight
1964- Zorba the Greek
1972- Across 110th Street
1991- Jungle Fever