best film: The Big Lebowski but my most recent viewing of Inside Llewyn Davis blew me away so this could change over time. All five of his films with the Coen brothers have landed in their respective years’ top 10—what great collaborations. Barton Fink is probably the next closest and third best film in Goodman’s career. The Big Lebowski though gets better with age and repeat viewings and it’s a masterpiece. Goodman deserves equal credit with Bridges for the acting triumph here.

best performance:   The Big Lebowski though he sets it on fire (literally) in Barton Fink and that’s not far off. The Coen brothers almost always give him great roles/scenes and Goodman knocks it out of the park. In The Big Lebowski the Coen’s wrote Walter Sobchak after larger than life real writer/director John Milius. In doing so they created, along with Goodman (I can’t image anyone else taking on this role—and don’t want to imagine it) created one of the great film characters of the 1990’s.  

stylistic innovations/traits: Al Pacino (Sea of Love) famously said Goodman is the best (or amongst the best) that he ever worked with. It’s an amazing compliment. Goodman is a big frame and a big talent. He’s one of the key actors of the Coen brothers’ work and of course they rank up there with some of the greatest auteurs of all-time. When he’s not working with them he’s stealing key scenes from Al Pacino in Sea of Love, Nic Cage in Bringing out the Dead or Denzel in Flight.

directors worked with:  Coen (5)—two less than Frances McDormand and then Scorsese once and Zemeckis once

Top 5 Performances:

  1. The Big Lebowski
  2. Barton Fink
  3. Raising Arizona
  4. Sea of Love
  5. Bringing Out the Dead

Archiveable films

1986- The Big Easy
1987- Raising Arizona
1989- Sea Of Love
1990- Arachnophobia
1991- Barton Fink
1998- The Big Lebowski
1999- Bringing Out the Dead
2000- O Brother, Where Art Thou
2011- The Artist
2012- Argo
2012- Flight
2013- Inside Llewyn Davis