A Fantastic Woman – 2017 Lelio


There’s plenty enough here visually to put Chilean director Lelio on the list of directors to keep an eye on- from the very outset the visual patterns are set with the heavy gorgeous colors during

A Fantastic Woman – 2017 Lelio2020-07-03T10:29:59+00:00

Letter Never Sent – 1960 Kalatozov


It’s the third Kalatozov film I’ve seen (after I Am Cuba and The Cranes are Flying) and it cements Kalatozov as one of the great stylists of this or any era of cinema. Letter Never

Letter Never Sent – 1960 Kalatozov2020-07-03T10:30:00+00:00

Tale of Tales – 2015 Garrone


Visually inspired baroque fantasy Starts with a long tracking shot walking and arriving into this amazing world Décor detail is truly inspired- there interior of the castle with the maze-like walls A gorgeous shot on

Tale of Tales – 2015 Garrone2020-07-03T10:30:00+00:00

Maurice – 1987 Ivory


Like almost all of Ivory’s film’s the ensemble is fantastic, a young Hugh Grant (first archiveable film), Denholm Elliott, Simon Callow (in a key and gorgeous early scene at the beach), Ben Kingsley and a

Maurice – 1987 Ivory2020-07-03T10:30:00+00:00

A Room With a View – 1985 Ivory


Easily the strongest effort to date in 1985 from James Ivory and his producer Ishmail Merchant—it was a box office hit of sorts- and the Oscars loved it as well- 8 noms, 3 wins (screenplay,

A Room With a View – 1985 Ivory2020-07-03T10:30:00+00:00

The Searchers – 1956 Ford


John Ford’s The Searchers is many things: a meditation on wilderness and civilization is chief amongst them An update of Melville—John Wayne is Ahab here, obsession—monomaniacal My #1 film of all-time, #9 on TSPDT, #7

The Searchers – 1956 Ford2020-07-03T10:30:02+00:00

Wedding Crashers – 2005 Dobkin


It’s an odd combination for the archives: Dobkin’s direction is amazing in the first 15-20 minutes with the set-up of the initial scene and of course the wedding montage—great work. Then the superior talents of

Wedding Crashers – 2005 Dobkin2021-06-17T13:27:15+00:00

Mandy – 2018 Cosmatos


Clearly influenced by rock opera Tommy and revenge films like Death Wish this has still has the feel of a unique voice. Nods for sure to the surreal nightmare world of David Lynch. Cosmatos paces

Mandy – 2018 Cosmatos2020-07-03T10:30:02+00:00

The Bostonians – 1984 Ivory


A strong supporting cast (including Jessica Tandy, Lina Hunt, Wallace Shawn) but this is Vanessa Redgrave’s show. She’s superb—so much so that it magnifies the unremarkable work of Madeleine Potter and Christopher Reeve as her

The Bostonians – 1984 Ivory2020-07-03T10:30:02+00:00

Quartet – 1981 Ivory


Period elegance from Merchant Ivory. Set in 1927, trendy society in New York- but it’s a dog eat dog world—the young and beautiful innocent Isabelle Adjani (great casting) is almost served up as lunch or

Quartet – 1981 Ivory2020-07-03T10:30:02+00:00

Local Hero – 1983 Forsyth


A unique and rich take on the comedy, the fish-out-of-water comedy If there are 10 reviews 8 mention how “charming” it is and it extremely charming. Affirming-- filled with Forsyth’s splendid wit Love the scene

Local Hero – 1983 Forsyth2020-07-03T10:30:02+00:00

2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968 Kubrick


A supreme visual and aural achievement—when combined with the utmost formal exactitude— it leaves us with one of the best three films of all-time If you still need more evidence of Kubrick’s genius--- how about

2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968 Kubrick2020-07-03T10:30:03+00:00
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