• Second part of the unofficial “Incommunicability Trilogy” also including L’Avventura (1960) and L’Eclisse (1962). It’s ridiculously epic run for Antonioni. It’s there with Fellini, Godard and Truffaut during this stretch
  • The film is a favorite film of Kubrick (you can absolutely see it in Eyes Wide Shut) and Lars Von Trier (in all his work but specifically, with the finale here in the sand trap, of Melancholia)  
  • Antonioni- an incredible auteur- disillusionment, alienation, ennui and ambivalence
  • To Antonioni modern romance or modernity in general is a wasteland—here instead of the island metaphor we have an elaborate party as the milling arena for excess and disconnection —the rich industrialist’s house and party
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  • Industrial experimental sci-fi score opening
  • Humorless
  • The nympho gal with the white backdrop- black dress- like a dream
  • Great shot of Moreau crying in the foreground with the white stairs splitting the screen in half
  • Oppressive modernity. An amazing sequence of Moreau just roaming the streets. Lost in modern architecture- crushed by it
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  • Monica Vitti shows up 70 minutes in and takes over. She’s absolutely hypnotic.
  • Stunning shot of Moreau catching Marcello kissing Vitti
  • Like L’Avventura-the male protagonist here contemplates selling out
  • The party here is the island from l’avventura, the factory from Red Desert, or the basin/valley in Zabriskie Point– architecture as character
  • Bunuel’s Exterminating Angel would make a great pairing with La Notte with the elite at a party here
  • Antoinioni is one of the great masters of composition- so strong- but he’s not Ozu and this is not quite Dreyer’s Gertrude. This certainly makes you appreciate Ozu especially
  • Antonioni shoots two people, dressed immaculately in the same frame together in such a beautiful way- it’s not easy
  • The best of these (and best shot in the film I’d argue- which is saying something) is all three principle actors here in the same frame at different depths at 106 minutes
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  • There’s good writing here- Vitti’s character says “I’m 22 and many many months”
  • Couldn’t find a picture unfortunately but there’s an amazing shot where Vitti says goodbye to Marcello and Moreau, turns out the light with her foot and we’re left with her silhouette
  • All night decadent party like La Dolce Vita
  • One day in the life- ending at dawn
  • Finale is sublime- tracking away from their ambiguous lovemaking to jazz
  • DP Gianni Di Venanzo—shot 8 ½ and Juliet of the Spirits later
  • MS/MP