• A film to pair with Varda’s Mur Murs (1981 as well) if you do docs–  64 minutes, non-professional actors (and it hurts in a couple scenes Sabine Mamou who plays the lead here is actually Varda’s editor on multiple films)
the opening of the film here on a mural
  • Lots of mural work and non-professionals (including a couple arguing which was real) which is part of the text because Sabine Mamou’s character is a documentary filmmaker
many beautiful L.A. murals in the film, gorgeous to look at, and formally connected
  • The reoccurring shot of Mamou behind the typewriter looking out at the beach with the wood frame reframing the beach—gorgeous- love that shot- good form to go back often and bounces it off that, some nudity, the L.A. travelogue footage, and window work—it’s a strong formal construction—it develops a rhythm even if the overall film is minor Varda
the shot (and variations on it) of the film, framing within the frame
  • Voice over
however slight the film may seem- Varda’s talents as a photographer make it necessary to archive
  • Through and off windows like Renoir—the French, in general, have a strong history of short films with Renoir and Jean Vigo
reoccurring work with windows here
  • Recommend