• 2 of the 14 reviews on RT say “impossible to describe” and I am anything but a good writer—haha
  • It is a unique visual experience and exercise—like Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors from Parajanov in 1964 it’s almost as if there’s no precedent for this and Parajanov isn’t influenced by anything—perhaps the work of Bunuel/Dali
  • It’s a visual exercise, it’s a dazzling achievement, filmed in a manner that’s almost impossible to describe.
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wholly unique in it’s visual achievement
  • A Sayat Nova biopic only in inspiration-  not even like say Todd Haynes’ Bob Dylan I’m Not There– this is more like avant-garde works of art inspired by Nova in these tableaux
  • No camera movement (very different form Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors)—
  • Symbolism and allegories—stirring images and surrealism
  • Books spread out amongst rocks, then blankets, then sheep spread out
fantastic imagery
  • No dialogue per se— these are models, not actors, just staring at the camera, animals, crosses, stones, blood, food, repetition in imagery and locations—some comical—triplets with beards and straight-faces squashing grapes, a guy holding a peacock beak in his mouth
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  • Strange very uninvisible hard cuts
  • Gold colors, pomegranate red color
impeccable use of color
  • Clearly an influence on Peter Greenaway—Prospero’s Books may be the closest film relative—tableaus
  • The best shots are those that take advantage of the depth of field and entire frame—a talent for imagery-
one of the greatest tableaus– pay attention to the back
  • It’s inferior to Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors and clearly Greenaway passed it by—unlike Shadows I think this is largely art displayed in front of the camera—not because of the camera
  • Highly Recommend – HR