• An impressive remake of Cukor’s 1940 The Philadelphia Story. Grace Kelly plays the Katharine Hepburn role, Bing Crosby plays the Cary Grant role and Frank Sinatra plays the Jimmy Stewart role. It’s a testament to the three actors how well they follow up the legends in the 1940’s film. The only one of the six with no acting Oscar is actually Cary Grant
  • Grace Kelly’s last movie and she’s incredible here—so sad- what a talented actress and incredible beauty
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Grace Kelly’s last film- a very good performance and the essence of chic
  • Unlike Cukor’s version in B/W this is in Vistavision, color and this one includes original music by Cole Porter— a great bonus and on top of having Cole Porter music—we get three of the best musicians of the century (Louis Armstrong, Crosby and Sinatra) working tougher
  • Kelly had starred with Crosby in The Country Girl before- First time pairing here of Crosby and Sinatra who are excellent in their few scenes together
  • It’s a very good film- enjoyable, light and airy—well performed— but it’s hard not to wish/imagine what we could’ve had with Cukor directing the remake himself (like he would with A Star is Born in 1954)—or Vincent Minnelli
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Sinatra, Crosby and Louis Armstrong all performing original work by Cole Porter
  • Some slight narrative issues- so this “Spy” magazine is publishing an article about Kelly’s dad with a picture on the front page of him but they have no idea what he looks like?
  • Very nice “True Love” song
  • Fashionable chic with the costume design work
  • Recommend- not in the top 10 of 1956